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Cancer Research Update

As the summer dwindles down, we can reflect on the progress that has been made throughout the summer. Not only have we developed lasting friendships, improved our scientific communication skills, and explored Austin, but we have conducted seven weeks of

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Ethics in Research

Growing up as a kid, science class was taught based on the facts that we have gained throughout historical records. Did Sir Isaac Newton record study after study and write the about his laws of motion to describe the effects

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Finding a Cure for Cancer Together

I cannot believe it is week 8. I have grown tremendously from nearly starting at the beginning of cell culturing.  I knew that researchers worked as a team, though they still had their individual projects. There are constant communication and

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Engaging the Fight Against Cancer with Texas 4000

“Cancer begins and ends with people. In the midst of scientific abstraction, it is sometimes possible to forget this one basic fact.” –June Goodfield. Before this summer, I viewed the fight against cancer solely as a scientific race to find

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Mindset and Emperor Readings

This summer I’ll be reading Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck, where author recognizes there are two types of mindsets after conducting a study on children trying to figure out puzzles that increase difficulty. The mindsets she

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Considering Research as a Career

I’ve never been one to think particularly far ahead into the future—the idea that I don’t know who or where I am going to be in a couple years terrifies me. That’s why I’ve often avoided thinking too much about

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Cancer Research Dedications

Every week at our group meeting, we go around and volunteer “dedications” stating who we are dedicating this week of work to and offering a thank you to the people that made it possible. These dedications range from deeply emotional

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Final Reflection on Emperor and Mindset

So ten weeks have gone by, and I’ve finally completed the books that have followed us throughout the process. Each of them gave us a lot to think about in terms of our research, our growth throughout this experience, and

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Research Community

As individuals each day we are faced with a task that may be new or carried on from the past. We may believe the approaches we take are the best, or are the only ones. We may believe that with

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Research and Reading

Research Accomplishments So Far I work with Dr. Jeanne Stachowiak, who studies lipids membranes. For the first month or so, my research was solely devoted to helping their research on clathrin’s effect on vesicle budding. I spent a lot of

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