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Letter to Texas 4000 Rider: Basil Hariri

Dear Basil, My name is Elana, and I am also the child of Lebanese immigrants, so I truly relate to the feeling that all my accomplishments are only made possible by my parents’ sacrifices. Growing up, I always felt that

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Deliberate Practice: Becoming an Expert

“Practice makes perfect,” just one of many clichéd inspirational sayings anyone can find passing a Hallmark store. One of many iterations our parents continuously drill into our minds as we make our way through life.  Even though the phrase may

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Research Dedications

Through our stay here at UT Austin, each Friday before going to work on our individual Labs, we dedicate the week to something. This in order to motivate us to continue working to a cure and better understanding of cancer.

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BMES 2016 Presentations

Every year, the summer scholars present their work at the annual meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). This year’s scholars each presented a poster at BMES in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October. Here are each of the scholars with their

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What Starts Here Changes The World

This summer we were fortunate to be able visit the Dell Medical School, which opened this year and is welcoming their first 50 students. However, there are still a few buildings under construction, and other administrative things that are yet

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Ethics in Research

Growing up as a kid, science class was taught based on the facts that we have gained throughout historical records. Did Sir Isaac Newton record study after study and write the about his laws of motion to describe the effects

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Finding a Cure for Cancer Together

I cannot believe it is week 8. I have grown tremendously from nearly starting at the beginning of cell culturing.  I knew that researchers worked as a team, though they still had their individual projects. There are constant communication and

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Research Updates!

It is crazy to think we are on week 7 out of our 10 weeks here at the UT Austin BME department! Research is a notoriously slow process, but many of us REU students are finally starting to get some

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Engaging the Fight Against Cancer with Texas 4000

“Cancer begins and ends with people. In the midst of scientific abstraction, it is sometimes possible to forget this one basic fact.” –June Goodfield. Before this summer, I viewed the fight against cancer solely as a scientific race to find

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Our Journey Thus Far

During the past month we have created many memories here in Austin both inside and outside our research labs. We have been able to spend time together to enjoy what Austin has to offer, work hard and diligently in order

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