Texas 4000

This program has a unique opportunity to reinforce and enrich our community of undergraduate researchers through partnership with a Texas based philanthropic organization, Texas 4000. Texas 4000’s mission is to cultivate student leaders and engage communities in the fight against cancer. Texas 4000 envisions a world where all students can become leaders in creating a cancer-free future.

Texas 4000 riders go on a 10-week, 4000-mile journey from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK “to share hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer.” BME CUReS Cancer Scholars will be on a parallel 10-week journey to become researchers in the fight against cancer. The riders and the Scholars forge connections that are mutually inspiring and motivating.

Day Zero: June 1, 2017

BME CUReS Cancer Scholars will participate in the 2016 Day Zero send off celebration.

Day 10-60: June-August, 2017

The program will develop a relationship between the Texas 4000 riders and BME CUReS Cancer Scholars coordinated with scheduled major stops along the ride. Riders share their experiences from the communities they visit, and Scholars provide updates on their cancer research projects and growth as cancer researchers.

Past years’ riders will present at one of the BME CUReS Cancer Seminars in an effort to inspire and maintain a high motivation for cancer research.

The Summer Scholars Blog is published in an analogous fashion to the riders’ blog on the Texas 4000 website. This local community partnership will build connections between people who contribute to fight against cancer through advocacy with those who advance the cause through research.

Day 70: August 11, 2017

At the end of the 10-week ride and research program, the Scholars will participate in celebrating the Texas 4000 riders’ arrival in Anchorage, Alaska.