Andrew P. Spann



Post-Doctoral Fellow

Email:  [lastname] @


Ph.D. 2013, Stanford University, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering

S.B. 2007, MIT, Chemical Engineering

S.B. 2007, MIT, Mathematics


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I use parallel multi-processor computer simulations to answer questions about the physics of fluid flow at the micro and nano scale. I am excited to be using the resources of the Texas Advanced Computing Center to solve problems in nanomanufacturing and biomechanics. My projects are

  • High-performance simulations of photoresist droplet spreading in Roll-to-Roll nanoimprint lithography


  • Computational biophysics of cells in confined spaces



Previous Research:

  • Effect of red blood cell hematocrit on plateled adhesion


  • Vesicle instabilities in extensional flows




  • COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling — Outstanding Paper 2005, 2006, and 2007.  Highest tier rating given to top 10 papers internationally. Additional named prizes: 2004 Ben Fusaro Award, 2006 INFORMS Award, 2007 SIAM Award.  Team of 3.  SIAM News article.
  • Stanford Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering Student Leadership Award. 2009.  Awarded for mentorship as I introduced the COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling to Stanford undergraduates.
  • Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge — Top 10 national ranking in 2005 (2nd), 2006 (3rd), 2008 (6th), 2010 (7th), and 2012 (3rd).  Team of 4.
  • MIT Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory (MASLAB) robotics contest} — 1st place 2005.  Team of 4.




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