Shruti Jain

Roll to Roll Transfer of Graphene grown on Copper foil to a flexible substrate

Graphene is of great interest as a material because of its high mobility, high saturation velocity for both electrons and holes, ultrathin layer thickness and mechanical strength. For manufacturing graphene-based flexible electronics, there is a need to develop reliable methods to transfer graphene from its growth substrate to the application substrate without damaging the graphene surface. One such method is contact printing in which the graphene layer can be peeled off from the copper foil (growth substrate) onto the target substrate (Fig 1a). To achieve high throughput, this peeling process can be implemented with a roll-to-roll transfer method (Fig 1b). The project will focus on modelling the roll-to-roll peeling of thin graphene layers.






Figure 1: (left) Schematic of graphene peeling from a flat substrate. (right) Schematic of graphene peeling in a roll-to-roll transfer method.