Editorials/Blog Posts

I am a regular contributor to the Duck of Minerva. You can read all my posts here. In addition, here are some other published editorials and blog posts I have written in other outlets.


“Americans Want to Engage the World,” with Jonathan Monten, Joshua Kertzer, Dina Smeltz, and Jordan Tama, Foreign Affairs
November 3, 2020

“Support for U.S. Intelligence Continues, Despite Presidential Attacks and Concerns Over Transparency” with Stephen Slick, Lawfare
September 21, 2020

“COVID-19 and Other Inflection Points: Fifth Annual Review of Solar Scale-Up in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
June 22, 2020

– “It’s Time We Think Beyond “Threat Multiplier” to Address Climate and Security,” New Security Beat
January 21, 2020

– “Australia’s fires have devastated millions of acres. What’s the political damage?” with Matto Mildenberger, Monkey Cage
January 13, 2020

– “Brazil is slowly killing its magnificent rainforest,” with Eugenio Arima, Houston Chronicle
September 3, 2019

– “Electricity as Coercion: Is There a Risk of Strategic Denial of Service?” with Sarang Shidore and Morgan Bazilian, Council on Foreign Relations
August 20, 2019

– “The United States’ Gas Flare-Up,” with Morgan Bazilian, Foreign Policy
July 28, 2019

– “Annual Polling Confirms Sustained Public Confidence in U.S. Intelligence,” with Stephen Slick and Kingsley Burns, Lawfare
July 10, 2019

– “Trump and his advisers are probably wrong about what foreign policy Americans want,” with Dina Smeltz and Jordan Tama, Monkey Cage
July 3, 2019

-“Reducing Greenhouse Gases Is a Security Issue,” E-IR
June 7, 2019

– “Why politicians do care what the UN thinks,” with Craig Kafura, Jonathan Monten, and Jordan Tama, Oxford Blogs
May 10th, 2019

– “The Missing International Piece of the Green New Deal,” with Morgan Bazilian, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
April 21, 2019

– “Congress has NATO’s back, despite Trump’s unilateralism,” with Jordan Tama, Craig Kafura, Josh Kertzer, and Jonathan Monten, Monkey Cage
April 3, 2019

– “Bright Future? Fourth Annual Review of Solar Scale-Up in India” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
March 4, 2019

– “The latest global climate negotiations just finished. Here’s what happened.” Monkey Cage
December 17, 2018

– “Political polarization the critical threat to US, foreign policy experts say,” with Dina Smeltz and Jordan Tama, The Hill
November 9, 2018

– “The Double Burden of Climate Exposure and State Fragility” with Ashley Moran and Clionadh Raleigh, New Security Beat
October 15, 2018

– “Are states, cities and companies taking the lead on climate action?” with Johannes Urpelainen, Monkey Cage
September 17, 2018

– “Climate change brought down another prime minister in Australia. Here’s what happened.” Monkey Cage
August 27, 2018

– “Glasnost for US Intelligence: Will Transparency Lead to Increased Public Trust?” with Stephen Slick, Lawfare
May 29, 2018

– “Still Shining? Our Third Annual Review on Solar Scale-up in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
February 20, 2018

– “4 things to know about the Trump budget’s environmental cuts,” Monkey Cage
February 15, 2018

– “Green Giants? Sectoral Obstacles and Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in China and India,” with Sarang Shidore and Xue Gao, Council on Foreign Relations
January 19, 2018

– “3 things we learned at this week’s U.N. climate change meeting,” Monkey Cage
November 17, 2017

– “The World Health Organization just picked a new leader. These are the challenges he faces,” with Karen Grépin and Jeremy Youde, Monkey Cage
June 15, 2017

– “Trump says goodbye to the Paris climate agreement. Here’s what that means.” Monkey Cage
June 1, 2017

-“India Makes Progress on Solar, But Barriers Remain,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
February 17, 2017

-“Do women matter to national security? The men who lead U.S. foreign policy don’t think so,” with Heather Hurlburt, Monkey Cage
February 2, 2017 

– “Climate Change Could Enhance Risk of Conflict,” Council on Foreign Relations
January 26, 2017

– “Editorial,” International Politics Reviews
November 2016

– “Elephants are in danger. Our research could help save them,” with Leo Carter, Monkey Cage
September 23, 2016

– “What could make Americans — and Congress — care about Zika?” Monkey Cage
August 17, 2016

– “What Will it Take to Turn Natural Gas Around in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
August 2, 2016

– “The World Health Organization is electing a new leader. Here’s what you need to know,” with Karen Grépin and Jeremy Youde, Monkey Cage
May 12, 2016

– “Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now,” with Bethany Albertson and Shana Gadarian, Monkey Cage
March 28, 2016

– “Now Comes the Hard Part: India’s Scope for Emissions Mitigation,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
December 22, 2015

– “People think that the Copenhagen climate talks failed. Here’s why they’re so wrong,” Monkey Cage
December 2, 2015

– “Is Wildlife Trafficking a National Security Threat?” with Cameron Lagrone, New Security Beat
June 10, 2015

– “Persuading Americans to act on climate change,” with Bethany Albertson, Monkey Cage
April 8, 2015

– “Whether or not global warming leads to more war, it hurts vulnerable people,” Monkey Cage
April 1, 2014

– “Why Do Climate Changes Lead to Conflict? Provocative New Study Leaves Questions,” New Security Beat
September 12, 2013

– “A hint of climate calamity,” Austin-American Statesman
February 7, 2010

– “Insecure About Climate Change,” Washington Post
March 22, 2008

– “Male Circumcision, HIV Prevention, and Support for Health Systems in Africa,” CSIS Africa Policy Forum
March 3, 2008

“Beyond Bali and Bush: The Future of Climate Policy,” Forum for Atlantic and Climate Energy Talks
January 2008

– “Addressing the Security Consequences of Climate Change,” Atlantic-community.org
September 3, 2007

– “The President’s Stubbornness May be His Downfall,” Manchester Union Leader
October 30,2004

– “Show Us What You Got: Make the Case for War,” Raleigh News and Observer
January 24, 2003