Editorials/Blog Posts

I am a regular contributor to the Duck of Minerva. You can read all my posts here. In addition, here are some other published editorials and blog posts I have written in other outlets.


– “It’s Time We Think Beyond “Threat Multiplier” to Address Climate and Security,” Joshua Busby, New Security Beat
January 21, 2020

– “Australia’s fires have devastated millions of acres. What’s the political damage?” with Matto Mildenberger, Monkey Cage
January 13, 2020

– “Brazil is slowly killing its magnificent rainforest,” with Eugenio Arima, Houston Chronicle
September 3, 2019

– “Electricity as Coercion: Is There a Risk of Strategic Denial of Service?” with Sarang Shidore and Morgan Bazilian, Council on Foreign Relations
August 20, 2019

– “The United States’ Gas Flare-Up,” with Morgan Bazilian, Foreign Policy
July 28, 2019

– “Annual Polling Confirms Sustained Public Confidence in U.S. Intelligence,” with Stephen Slick and Kingsley Burns, Lawfare
July 10, 2019

– “Trump and his advisers are probably wrong about what foreign policy Americans want,” with Dina Smeltz and Jordan Tama, Monkey Cage
July 3, 2019

-“Reducing Greenhouse Gases Is a Security Issue,” E-IR
June 7, 2019

– “Why politicians do care what the UN thinks,” with Craig Kafura, Jonathan Monten, and Jordan Tama, Oxford Blogs
May 10th, 2019

– “The Missing International Piece of the Green New Deal,” with Morgan Bazilian, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
April 21, 2019

– “Congress has NATO’s back, despite Trump’s unilateralism,” with Jordan Tama, Craig Kafura, Josh Kertzer, and Jonathan Monten, Monkey Cage
April 3, 2019

– “Bright Future? Fourth Annual Review of Solar Scale-Up in India” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
March 4, 2019

– “The latest global climate negotiations just finished. Here’s what happened.” Monkey Cage
December 17, 2018

– “Political polarization the critical threat to US, foreign policy experts say,” with Dina Smeltz and Jordan Tama, The Hill
November 9, 2018

– “The Double Burden of Climate Exposure and State Fragility” with Ashley Moran and Clionadh Raleigh, New Security Beat
October 15, 2018

– “Are states, cities and companies taking the lead on climate action?” with Johannes Urpelainen, Monkey Cage
September 17, 2018

– “Climate change brought down another prime minister in Australia. Here’s what happened.” Monkey Cage
August 27, 2018

– “Glasnost for US Intelligence: Will Transparency Lead to Increased Public Trust?” with Stephen Slick, Lawfare
May 29, 2018

– “Still Shining? Our Third Annual Review on Solar Scale-up in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
February 20, 2018

– “4 things to know about the Trump budget’s environmental cuts,” Monkey Cage
February 15, 2018

– “Green Giants? Sectoral Obstacles and Opportunities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in China and India,” with Sarang Shidore and Xue Gao, Council on Foreign Relations
January 19, 2018

– “3 things we learned at this week’s U.N. climate change meeting,” Monkey Cage
November 17, 2017

– “The World Health Organization just picked a new leader. These are the challenges he faces,” with Karen Grépin and Jeremy Youde, Monkey Cage
June 15, 2017

– “Trump says goodbye to the Paris climate agreement. Here’s what that means.” Monkey Cage
June 1, 2017

-“India Makes Progress on Solar, But Barriers Remain,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
February 17, 2017

-“Do women matter to national security? The men who lead U.S. foreign policy don’t think so,” with Heather Hurlburt, Monkey Cage
February 2, 2017 

– “Climate Change Could Enhance Risk of Conflict,” Council on Foreign Relations
January 26, 2017

– “Editorial,” International Politics Reviews
November 2016

– “Elephants are in danger. Our research could help save them,” with Leo Carter, Monkey Cage
September 23, 2016

– “What could make Americans — and Congress — care about Zika?” Monkey Cage
August 17, 2016

– “What Will it Take to Turn Natural Gas Around in India,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
August 2, 2016

– “The World Health Organization is electing a new leader. Here’s what you need to know,” with Karen Grépin and Jeremy Youde, Monkey Cage
May 12, 2016

– “Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now,” with Bethany Albertson and Shana Gadarian, Monkey Cage
March 28, 2016

– “Now Comes the Hard Part: India’s Scope for Emissions Mitigation,” with Sarang Shidore, Council on Foreign Relations
December 22, 2015

– “People think that the Copenhagen climate talks failed. Here’s why they’re so wrong,” Monkey Cage
December 2, 2015

– “Is Wildlife Trafficking a National Security Threat?” with Cameron Lagrone, New Security Beat
June 10, 2015

– “Persuading Americans to act on climate change,” with Bethany Albertson, Monkey Cage
April 8, 2015

– “Whether or not global warming leads to more war, it hurts vulnerable people,” Monkey Cage
April 1, 2014

– “Why Do Climate Changes Lead to Conflict? Provocative New Study Leaves Questions,” New Security Beat
September 12, 2013

– “A hint of climate calamity,” Austin-American Statesman
February 7, 2010

– “Insecure About Climate Change,” Washington Post
March 22, 2008

– “Male Circumcision, HIV Prevention, and Support for Health Systems in Africa,” CSIS Africa Policy Forum
March 3, 2008

“Beyond Bali and Bush: The Future of Climate Policy,” Forum for Atlantic and Climate Energy Talks
January 2008

– “Addressing the Security Consequences of Climate Change,” Atlantic-community.org
September 3, 2007

– “The President’s Stubbornness May be His Downfall,” Manchester Union Leader
October 30,2004

– “Show Us What You Got: Make the Case for War,” Raleigh News and Observer
January 24, 2003