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Elisabeth and Karl Butzer (Newfoundland, 1999)

Karl W. Butzer

Karl W. Butzer (August 19, 1934 – May 4, 2016) was a German-born American geographer. Butzer’s research focused on the relationships between the environment and prehistoric people or more recent societies. In collaboration with a wide range of paleoanthropologists and archaeologists, he worked at both larger, regional scales and at the site-specific micro-level. Butzer engaged with an interdisciplinary environmental history, critical of the recent turn to a simplistic environmental determinism, and concerned about the prospects of global warming.


Elisabeth K. Butzer

Karl’s co-author on various publications and long-term collaborator. She has published a micro-study of human ecology: Historia social de una comunidad tlaxcalteca (Saltillo, Mexico, 2001). This book reflects Elisabeth’s experience as a specialist in Medieval archives and anthropology, with extended research in Spain. Currently, she is a Research Fellow in the Department of Geography and the Environment, at the University of Texas, Austin.

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2 comments on “Home Page
  1. David Robinson says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I was very saddened to hear of Karl’s passing. He will always be remembered as a gentleman and a superb scholar. Our profession has few to match his integrity and scholarship.

    Our thought are with you,

    David and Eligia

  2. Marshall Chrostowski says:

    My condolences (belated as they are) at the passing of Karl Butzer. I was Karl’s principle Teaching Assistant during my first 2 years of doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison ca. 1963-65 and learned much from this brilliant mind. My studies were focused on biogeography and plant ecology, thus I was taken in by William Denevan (Geography)and Hugh Iltis (Botany). Interesting times.

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