Want To Get Involved? First Staff Meeting September 8th

Thank you for your interest in Cactus yearbook. At 120 years old, the yearbook is UT’s first publication and one of its oldest traditions. We at Cactus hope you are looking forward to documenting the sports, students, and smarts of UT as much as we editors are!
Joining staff as a writer/photographer is a great way to experience a variety of campus activities and to get a taste of every niche on campus. Throughout the year, you will augment your knowledge of writing and/or photographing for a print publication, as well as form invaluable connections and friendships with people who share similar interests. We will have much more information for you regarding assignments, responsibilities, and expectations at our first meeting.
Our first staff meeting will be on Sunday, September 8th at 6 PM in room CMA 2.306. (For those of you familiar with the Communication building, this is the large lecture hall in the basement, formally known as CMA A2.320.)
We looking forward to meeting you all in person, and  cannot wait to get started on what is sure to be UT’s best yearbook yet! If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our editor-in-chief  at kachelmeyer.jaclyn@gmail.com or (281) 323-1276.

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