The Cactus archives are available online for the years 1894-1990 on

More recent years can be purchased at

Cactus Yearbook 1894

15 comments on “ARCHIVES
  1. Bob Osburn says:

    I would like to purchase a 2003 Cactus
    please let me know if one is available

  2. Lauren Fredregill says:

    I have some yearbooks to donate from UT Austin, LCHS Garland, Texas, and OMS, Garland, Texas. Anybody have any ideas?

  3. Patsy Johnson says:

    I have some old year books that belonged to my husband that I would like to donate. They are from years 1936, 1946 & 1947. Can someone tell me where to send them or how to go about donating them?

  4. Wilbert King says:

    i am an employee on main campus. my wife is doing genealogy work, and was wondering if there are physical copies of cactus archives on campus to view and search.

  5. Aaron says:

    Is there a library on campus that houses an archive of Cactus Yearbooks to view?

    Thanks and HOOK ‘EM

  6. Monte Akers says:

    How can I obtain permission to publish photos from the Cactus in an upcoming book? Is it also possible to obtain high resolution (300 dpi or better) copies? Thank you in advance.–Monte Akers, 512-600-2304

  7. David Carpenter says:

    I am looking for then yearbook for the year 1978-79.
    Is that a 1978 or 1979 Cactus? I cannot remember what the cover looked like. Tried to search but print is so small and pixels are not coming through I could not see my freshman photo. Thoughts?

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