FRESHMEN: get a $30 discount and have your photo taken @ orientation!

Get your yearbook photo taken--Beyonce did!
Get your yearbook photo taken–Beyonce did!

Cactus yearbook is offering a $30 discount on the 2013-2014 yearbook to all incoming freshmen during orientation. To purchase a discounted book, be sure to have your yearbook photo taken in the FAC when you get your student ID. Our photographer will have discount order forms on hand! Any questions can be directed to Jaclyn Kachelmeyer at

LAST CHANCE: Student Organization Group Photos

Texas Club WOD
Check out this snazzy group photo of Texas Club WOD!


Saturday, April 27th, is your LAST CHANCE to take a group photo of your organization for the Cactus yearbook. Schedule a time between 10 AM and 12 noon to have a professional-quality photo taken in front of the Tower.

Organization photos will be printed in the book at 2.5” x 4”, and a larger 8” x 10” print can also be ordered.

The full price for a group photo is $50 for every 35 people appearing in the photo.

However, we at Cactus understand that many organizations do not have access to additional funds to spend on a group photo, and we do not want the price to deter your organization from being represented in the Cactus. With this in mind, we are willing to work with your organization to set a price that suits your available finances.

If your organization is interested in reserving space in the yearbook—the cost aside—please contact Jaclyn Kachelmeyer at with any questions or to arrange a time to take the photo.

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