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  1. hi! i just realized that ut has a year book too! is it those kind of year book that contains all the pictures of each year’s graduates?? if so, if im graduating in spring 2014, which year book should i buy? thanks!!!

    1. The yearbook contains portraits of all grade levels. Anyone, from freshman to senior, can have their photo in the book by attending the Photo Studio we set up once a semester for a couple weeks. To purchase a book for your senior year, you should buy the 2013-2014 yearbook and be sure to have your photo taken in all the graduation regalia at our photo studio. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy, yes it is! We have all 120 years of Cactus stored in our archives and can definitely send you a scanned copy of a student’s photo. You can also check out the archives from 1894 to 1990 on eyearbook.com, though you will have to make an account with them.

  2. I bought a copy of the yearbook last year – I paid for it as part of my registration for the school year (under add-ons). Where do I go to pick up my yearbook? Thanks.

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks for purchasing a yearbook! The 2013 book just came in today, and we at Cactus couldn’t be more excited! Your copy will be mailed out to the permanent address provided when you ordered a book. You should be receiving it soon.

  3. When and where is the next photo studio session? Would like to make sure picture is in for the 2013/2014 yearbook.

  4. I have one child that finishes school on Spring 2015 and a second one in fall 2015 so both of them are seniors. How can they get their pictures taken for the 2015 Cactus and how to acquire the yearbooks?
    By the way, I am in the 1978 Cactus.

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately this year’s edition did not include student portraits. You can purchase a yearbook at http://bit.ly/1B3SkyM, for $65, or buy one once the books arrive in May for %75. Sorry for the late response!

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