2014-2015 Cactus Yearbook staff


Tess Cagle


Tess Cagle is a  journalism and anthropology sophomore at UT from the Rio Grande Valley. She loves sharing others’ stories and music, and has a strong interest in photojournalism. Apart from Cactus, she is also an assistant music editor ORANGE Magazine and a digital content intern for SXSW.  In high school, she served as the editor-in-chief of the Spur yearbook. When she graduates, she plans to pursue a career in magazine writing or photojournalism. Her dream job would be one that involves a lot of exploration and travel.

Design Editor

Christy Zhang


Christy Zhang is a freshman this year at UT, majoring in mechanical engineering. She enjoys photography and design as well as cooking and pinteresting in her spare time. Christy has learned traditional Chinese dance, along with ballet and contemporary, since she was four and competes in regional and national competitions in the Houston area. She was design editor of the Stratford High School Mnemosyne yearbook staff her senior year and served as assistant ads editor the year before. Christy has been involved in yearbook since 8th grade where she was editor-in-chief of her middle school publication. She loves yearbook because of the comforting feeling of being immersed in a project and working through different ideas until she’s satisfied with the design.

Student Life Editor

Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg is a freshman at UT who isn’t quite sure what she wants to do with her life yet.  She’s starting out by entering the Moody College of Communications. One thing she is sure about, though, is yearbook. It’s been a huge chunk of her life in the past five years, and she plans to stick with what she knows. In yearbook, she was one of four editors her senior year, she was a photographer throughout all of high school (sometimes catching the oh-so-original name, “Camera Girl”), and when anyone needed help with Photoshop, she was there to help. She was able to work with almost any section you could think of, and she loved learning every bit of it. Berg says it fascinates her how a single staff can work together to collect and convey the happenings of a whole school year into a single book. She thinks that’s what she  loves about yearbook; it reminds people how great their time in school was, it binds together a part of their lives for them to look back on, and it makes sure no one ever forgets amazing moments.

Academics & Organizations Editor

Gustavo Molinar


Gustavo Molinar is a second-year, Psychology major from Houston, TX. He is very excited to be part of the editorial staff for the 2014-2015 Cactus Yearbook! He has been involved in yearbook since his first year of high school and he is more than glad to be able to continue on. He loves photography and if there’s ever an opportunity, he likes capturing the moment. He was an Orientation Advisor for the 2014 Summer and Class of 2018 students, and he will be a Resident Assistant as well as a Foundation Scholars Program Mentor for the year. He is part of the University Leadership Network and a member of the Counseling and Mental Health Center Student Organization.  In the future, he hopes to be able to attend graduate school to continue his studies in psychology. However, for now, he hopes to be able to capture all the thrilling moments that will be sure to occur at the University of Texas at Austin.

Photo Editor

Joe Capraro


Joe Capraro is a graduate student in the UT Journalism program and was a staff photographer for Cactus and the Daily Texan his first year on campus. He is originally from New Jersey but has lived in nine different states. In his free time, Joe can be found at Red Bud Isle with his dog Yogi or eating some of Austin’s many magnificent BBQ ribs. Joe graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Journalism degree after careers in banking software and as an audio engineer. He also owned a pizza and sandwich shop on Cape Cod for several years, and if you’re really nice he’ll give you his secret tomato sauce recipe.

Copy Editor

Austin Ferguson


Austin Ferguson is a senior in the College of Fine Arts, majoring in music theory with a minor in government. Austin is beginning his third term as the Fine Arts Representative in UT’s Student Government, where he serves on the Rules and Regulations committee. He is an active member of Mu Phi Epsilon, an international, professional music fraternity. Most importantly in his eyes, Austin is the Student Director of the University of Texas Guild of Carillonneurs; as such, he is the primary performer and instructor on the university’s Kniker Carillon, known as the “Tower Bells”. Austin has traveled across the country and is a sought-after recitalist, noted for his interpretation of both Baroque and Contemporary carillon literature. In high school, Austin took on editorial roles for two of his three years in yearbook – one year as assistant editor, and one year as editor-in-chief. His goals for the future are to attend law school, become a partner in a successful firm, and take on a job as a carillonneur, continuing to perform and educate others on the most wonderful instrument in the world. When asked about what his favorite thing is about yearbook, his response was, “Hmm… Probably that people are just as weird as I am so I don’t get funny looks!”

Assistant Copy Editors

Kylie Holt


Kylie Holt is a sophomore majoring in Marine and Freshwater Biology from Argyle, Texas. Before coming to UT, newspaper, UIL journalism and yearbook were a large part of her academic life. She is thrilled to be on the Cactus staff this year and get back into editing! She says contributing to a beautiful memento that alumni and relatives can keep long after graduation is an extremely rewarding and proud experience. Other than Cactus, she is also involved in Longhorn Pets Alive and the Marine Science Club.

Anahita Pardiwalla


Anahita Pardiwalla is a second year journalist studying the craft at The University of Texas at Austin with a Bridging Disciplines Program Certificate in Human Rights and Social Justice. She is an opinion columnist for The Horn, and has written numerous articles for her local paper, The Paris News. Communicating emotion through the arts such as theater and dance have also been a childhood interest of hers. She is a member of Jazba Dance Team, a fusion dance team on the UT campus. She says that to be a part of the team from it’s first season has been a privilege and wonderful experience because they represent cultural unity by performing various dance styles. Cultural exposure is an outlet to worldly perceptions that guides her journalism career. Her future aspirations include a career in broadcast journalism, as well as documenting international human rights affairs. She wants to change perspectives on ever-present social issues which are shrouded by incessant entertainment fallacies.

Social Media & Marketing Editor

Elizabeth Hoang

Elizabeth H

Elizabeth Hoang is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public relations at the University of Texas at Austin. On campus she is a member of the University of Texas’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter where she assisted in planning the PRSSA Regional Conference in Dallas. She was assistant editor for her high school newspaper and from 2013 to 2014 she worked as the social media and communications contact for student run organization BlendATX, helping them put on creative projects like coffee houses and jam sessions. Her interests have always landed on the creative side. After graduation she would love to do PR and event planning for the arts or creative publications.

16 comments on “STAFF
  1. Would it be possible for you to scan and send me a copy (by E-mail or snail mail) of page 117 of the 1951 edition of the Cactus, which has a picture of my grandfather Carl James Kohler, Jr.? It would mean a great deal to me. Thank you, Philip J. Passantino

  2. Don says:

    After the student has the Cactus picture taken, how is one of the photos selected to go into the yearbook?

    • Cactus says:

      Sorry for such a late reply. The photographer actually selects the photo that will appear in the book based off his judgment and years of experience! You can select to order a specific photo for yourself, though.

  3. Kyle Walker says:

    I ordered the yearbook when I went in to take the yearbook pictures in March. The price was added to my what I owe which has been paid off. When, where and how can I expect my copy to get to me? Do i pick it up? Is it mailed?

    • Cactus says:

      @ Kyle
      Thanks for purchasing the 2013 Cactus! We are still wrapping up our coverage of the year’s final events, so you can expect to receive your copy of Cactus at your permanent address in late August.

  4. Sharon Teague says:

    I paid for my Cactus Yearbook because I graduated this May of 2013. I paid for it and I have never received it? Can someone help me out, tell me who to contact? There is no phone number or email address online.

    • Cactus says:

      Hi! The 2012-2013 yearbook is still in production and so will not be delivered until late August to your permanent address (the address you provided on the Cactus order form). Thanks for purchasing a Cactus!

  5. cathy says:

    where and when do students get their pictures taken for the 2013-2014 yearbook?

    • Cactus says:

      Hi Cathy,

      We will have two photo studios this year: one in October and one in March before spring break. We do not have the specifics worked out just yet, but please check back with our website when those dates draw near for more information! Thank you!

  6. angela says:

    In the 1909 Cactus can you explain what is means to be listed as “wearers of the T”?

    • Virginia Albert says:

      According to the Alcade Volume 2 Issue 6, “a wearer of the T” is someone who has made a varsity sports team at UT and has represented the university in intercollegiate sports by wearing the T, which stands for Texas.

  7. cathy says:

    When and where are the 2015 cactus photos going to be taken?

    • Teresa Cagle says:

      Unfortunately this year’s edition did not include student portraits. Sorry for the late response!

  8. Cameron Ginnings says:

    When and where will cactus yearbook photos be taken for 2015-2016?

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