2022-2023 Cactus Yearbook Editorial Staff

Cactus YEarbook Co-editors: chloe jaimes & AMberlyn negron
Design Editor: Grace Sajjarotjana
photo Editor: Mason Nothaft
copy editor: Olivia Oswald
Social Media/ Marketing Director: Yasmin garcia


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  1. Would it be possible for you to scan and send me a copy (by E-mail or snail mail) of page 117 of the 1951 edition of the Cactus, which has a picture of my grandfather Carl James Kohler, Jr.? It would mean a great deal to me. Thank you, Philip J. Passantino

    1. @Don
      Sorry for such a late reply. The photographer actually selects the photo that will appear in the book based off his judgment and years of experience! You can select to order a specific photo for yourself, though.

  2. I ordered the yearbook when I went in to take the yearbook pictures in March. The price was added to my what I owe which has been paid off. When, where and how can I expect my copy to get to me? Do i pick it up? Is it mailed?

    1. @ Kyle
      Thanks for purchasing the 2013 Cactus! We are still wrapping up our coverage of the year’s final events, so you can expect to receive your copy of Cactus at your permanent address in late August.

  3. I paid for my Cactus Yearbook because I graduated this May of 2013. I paid for it and I have never received it? Can someone help me out, tell me who to contact? There is no phone number or email address online.

    1. @Sharon
      Hi! The 2012-2013 yearbook is still in production and so will not be delivered until late August to your permanent address (the address you provided on the Cactus order form). Thanks for purchasing a Cactus!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      We will have two photo studios this year: one in October and one in March before spring break. We do not have the specifics worked out just yet, but please check back with our website when those dates draw near for more information! Thank you!

    1. According to the Alcade Volume 2 Issue 6, “a wearer of the T” is someone who has made a varsity sports team at UT and has represented the university in intercollegiate sports by wearing the T, which stands for Texas.

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately this year’s edition did not include student portraits. Sorry for the late response!

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