Author: Aaron Wolfson
Aaron Wolfson is a third-year graduate student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Aaron graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a BA in international relations. His research mostly focuses on Islamist policies and US foreign policy in addition to broader Middle Eastern concerns. He has recently worked with the Bahrain Young Ladies Association and the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) project.

Defining populations at risk and where they may migrate

Migration from and within the Oceania region is likely to occur as a result of climate change and related extreme weather events. Thus, it is necessary to ascertain which populations are most at risk of forced displacement due to inhospitable

Extra-Regional Migration – Host Countries (1/2)

  In considering extra-regional migration for at-risk populations in Oceania, it is necessary to identify the states that are most likely to receive these populations. The existing immigration policies of these states as well as their domestic political scene will

Extra-Regional Migration – Refugee Populations (2/2)

In addition to the likely issues of the host countries, the refugee populations themselves may experience significant problems with relocation. Significant research has been conducted on diaspora communities which can be applied to a managed retreat from at-risk states in

Complications for Intra and Extra-Regional Migration

One of the most pertinent questions in regard to Oceania and the impacts of climate change is where will the people the go? According to several studies, many of the islands, and especially atolls, in Oceania will likely experience inhospitable