Author: Claire Huitt
Claire Huitt is a joint degree student at the University of Texas, pursuing her J.D. from Texas Law and her M.A. in Global Policy Studies from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Claire is a Brumley Next Generation Fellow for National Security Law with the Robert Strauss Center for International Law and Security and holds a Graduate Portfolio in Security Studies from the Clements Center for National Security. She has interned with the Department of State at U.S. Embassy Tokyo and the Department of Justice with the Office of International Affairs on the team for Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Claire graduated from Southern Methodist University and holds a B.A. in economics, political science, and public policy.

Room to Step-Up: Australia’s Bid to Maintain Influence in Oceania (2/2)

Australia’s preeminent role in the Pacific may be subject to change. While many think the looming threat to Australian leadership is increased Chinese interest in the region, the greater threat may very well be Australia’s response, or lack thereof, to

Room to Step-Up: Australia’s Bid to Maintain Influence in Oceania (1/2)

As China becomes increasingly assertive in Oceania, Australia seeks to reinforce and strengthen ties with its Pacific neighbors. However, its success in reengaging the Pacific will depend on its willingness to step up on climate issues. Australia has long been

The Pacific Reset: New Zealand Re-Engages Oceania

Earlier this year, New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, visited the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In the Solomon Islands, Peters signed a new Statement of Partnership with Solomon Islands’ Minister of Foreign Affairs and External

They are Islanders: Japan in Oceania

As global interest in Oceania grows, Japan is actively looking to deepen its ties with Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Japan has a long history of engagement in Oceania; Japanese Prime Minister Abe has said that Japan and the PICs share

Shifting Opportunity: Kiribati and Solomon Islands Establish Diplomatic Relations with Beijing

In September of this year, the governments of the Solomon Islands and Kiribati severed ties with Taipei in favor of establishing formal diplomatic relations with Beijing. The Solomon Islands initially recognized Taiwan in 1986, with their decision in September effectively