Donating to the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial

How can I donate to the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial?

Donations to the Memorial may be made in one of five ways:

  • By completing a contribution form (PDF) and submitting it to the address listed on the form under the Payment Method section.
  • For employees of the University of Texas at Austin, through payroll deduction via the VIP Direct site. Be sure to specify the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Endowment as the beneficiary in section 2 when you enroll.
  • By recurring credit card charge set up through the VIP System. Again, be sure to specify that your gift is for the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Endowment.
  • By attending a fund-raising event for the Memorial.
  • By making a non-monetary donation (PDF) to be auctioned at a future fund-raising event. Interested in making a non-monetary donation? This PDF has more information from the UT Austin Development Office about what qualifies as a non-monetary gift and how to assign a value to it.

Will my donation to the award fund be tax-deductible?

In most cases the full value of your gift is tax-deductible if you itemize deductions. Your gift will be acknowledged in writing for your tax records. However, please consult your tax advisor for exact details.