Communication Strategy

As the College of Fine Arts evolves and strives to maintain a reputation of excellence and relevance in the higher education sphere, public affairs should play a key role in this evolution. By using our communication tools and resources, the public affairs department can support the positioning and key messages of the college to create a consistent, clear voice from the college to reach target audiences, both internal (UT administration) and external (donors, alumni, prospective students, and more.)

Public Affairs has outlined five goals to address in the coming year:

  • Define how Public Affairs should be positioning the College of Fine Arts in its communications
  • Improve collaboration between the collegeĀ and departments and units for more unified and efficient messaging and workflow
  • Engage stakeholders with print and digital content on the website, through social media channels and with print publications
  • Raise the profile of the college in the media
  • Communicate how the College of Fine Arts is responding to growing student and industry demands for creative thinkers who are prepared for a 21st-century workforce.

If you would like more information about these goals or how we are approaching them, please contact Public Affairs Director Alicia Dietrich.

Learn more about the key messages identified for 2015-2016.

Contact Us:

Alicia Dietrich, Public Affairs Director
College of Fine Arts
Office: 512-475-7033
Cell: 512-636-1216

Rose L. Thayer, Public Affairs Specialist
College of Fine Arts
Office: 512-232-8167
Cell: 409-779-9282

Misa Yamamoto, Visual Designer
College of Fine Arts
Office: 512-471-3277
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