College Governance

  • Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee

    Each academic unit elects one faculty member [to the Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee] to serve a two-year term. The chair of each unit’s undergraduate curriculum committee, or his/her designee, also serves on the committee. Terms are staggered to allow for continuity from year to year. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs serves as the committee chair and the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs serves as an ex-officio member. Curriculum proposals in each academic unit begin with the faculty and must be approved at the departmental or school level before being considered at the college level. Proposals presented to the college by the academic units are reviewed and voted on by the COFA Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee. They are either returned to the academic unit for clarification or revision, or forwarded, with approval of the dean, to the Faculty Council for university approval or rejection.

    Policy ratified by CoFA faculty 9/6/11

Department/School Governance


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