Faculty Recruitment FAQ

When do I need to fill out a “Request to Search” Document?

  • Whenever you want to conduct a national search for a new faculty member of any rank/title/tenure status.

Am I required to use the “Request to Search” document to hire T/TT faculty members?

  • Yes, with the exception of cases where you have an approved posting waiver or will be getting an approved posting waiver.

Am I required to use the “Request to Search” document to hire NTT faculty members?

  • If the NTT faculty member is being hired into a full time, career-track position, then yes, a Request to Search document is required, except in the case of an approved posting waiver.
  • If the NTT faculty member is being hired into an adjunct faculty position, then no, a Request to Search document is not required.

What are some examples of cases when I do not use the “Request to Search” document?

  • Adjunct hires.
  • Spousal hires.
  • Target of opportunity hires or other such strategic hires made by the posting waiver method.

What are some examples of cases when I should conduct a national search, even though I am not required to?

  • When it is critical for the success of the eventual hire to have gone through a rigorous national search vetting process.
    • When the hire is going to be an important, permanent part of your faculty for many years, it is often important for that faculty member to prove to their faculty colleagues that they are deserving of their new faculty position, so that when they arrive on campus they are valued, respected, and welcomed by their new faculty colleagues.
    • For this reason, most career-track, NTT faculty members should be hired via national search.
  • When it is important for the faculty member to prove that they are the best candidate possible for the position in question, such as when hiring an existing faculty member for a different faculty positions (e.g. hiring an existing NTT faculty member to fill a T/TT faculty position).
  • When it is a non-tenure track hire, even an adjunct hire, and you do not have any idea who to hire into the position or how to find someone capable of filling the position.

What funding does the dean’s office provide for faculty searches?

  • For most all faculty searches approved via the Request to Search document, the dean’s office provides:
    • search costs (advertising, travel expenses for interviewees)
    • relocation costs/moving expenses of the faculty member who is hired.
  • These funds are not intended to cover all costs associated with recruiting a faculty member. The department/school is expected to contribute additional funding.
  • Search costs do not cover entertainment expenses. The department should use its own funds for any entertainment expenses associated with a faculty search.
  • The dean’s office only provides faculty search funding for searches with approved Request to Search documents.
  • Relocation funds are taxable income to the prospective employee.



Page last updated: 2/4/2019