Timeline: Recruitment of Tenure-track, Tenured, and Career Non-tenure Track Faculty

  1. Chair/director and department/school faculty should collaborate on strategic priorities for faculty hiring each year.
  2. Chair/director has informal discussions with the dean about proposed hires. They should be familiar with demographic and equity data pertaining to a search.
  3. Typically a search committee is assembled, then a Request to Search form* is submitted to the dean’s office.
  4. Search committee chairs and department chairs/directors should familiarize themselves with appointment process summary requirements before beginning recruitment process.
  5. If permission to recruit is granted by the dean, post and advertise the position on UT FacultyJobs and discipline-specific journals or website.
  6. Prior to the first Search Committee meeting, chair of the search committee will meet with the chair/director to
    1. review protocol and best practices,
    2. discuss dean’s charge to actively recruit members of underrepresented and/or underserved communities,
    3. review materials to support that effort, such as those found on our faculty search committee guidelines and resources page
    4. register for and attend search committee workshop.
  7. Prior to first search committee meeting the diversity advocate should discuss with the Fine Arts Diversity Committee liaison efforts the search committee can take to foster a diverse applicant pool.
  8. Prior to any candidate interviews, chair/director will review proposed candidate “short list” with the dean. Short lists are expected to include at least one woman (or man depending on the field) and one person of color. The dean will also consider input from Fine Arts Diversity Committee liaison assigned to the search. After the dean approves the short list, interviews will be scheduled.
  9. The dean or dean’s designate will interview every candidate for all tenure track and tenured appointments.
  10. Chair/director will discuss compensation goals and other considerations with the dean when ready to enter negotiations. Note: the faculty search committee recommendation is advisory to the chair/director and the department/school executive committee or budget council.
  11. If chair/director expects to be offering a tenured appointment, provide the dean with a copy of the candidate’s CV to be vetted by the Provost’s office.
  12. Upon successful negotiation, chair/director will provide successful candidate with a provisional offer letter.
  13. Appointment paperwork is finalized.
    1. Tenure-track appointment: Submit prior approval request packet per provost’s guidelines to dean’s office for review and approval.
    2. Tenured appointment: Submit ad hoc promotion and tenure packet per provost’s guidelines to dean’s office for review and approval.
    3. Career non-tenure track appointment: Submit prior approval request packet per provost’s guidelines to dean’s office for review and approval.

*Download Request to Search form (422kb pdf)

  • This fillable PDF works best in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat DC or as a download on Chrome

Hiring Faculty with Tenure Process

HOP 2-2010: Academic Titles and Tenure

HOP 2-2160: Recommendations Regarding Faculty Compensation, Faculty Promotion, Tenure, Renewal of Appointment, or Nonrenewal of Appointment

HOP 2-9991 Attachment B: Information for New Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members

Provost’s Office: Recruitment & Retention



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