About Us

Our Mission

To contribute to the mission of the College of Fine Arts by creating and maintaining an engaged, fair and respectful work culture which recognizes and rewards the contributions and value of all employees, and complies with employment policies, best practices and laws. 

Our Vision

Human Resources will collaborate with College of Fine Arts leaders and stakeholders to identify, hire, support and develop an enthusiastic, well qualified, and diverse faculty and staff who will advance the College’s mission of preparing students for the creation, practice, study, criticism, and teaching of the arts in a context that emphasizes cultural diversity, community engagement, and technical innovation.

Our Values

Communication – We will maintain open and transparent communication regarding Human Resources policies and initiatives to foster a well-informed workforce.

Change – We will embrace change and use it to adapt our services and programs to meet the needs of those we serve.

Commitment – We will seek out the best and most balanced solutions through caring and thoughtful review of every challenge and opportunity we encounter.

Collaboration – We will collaborate in our work to leverage the knowledge and resources available both internal and external to Human Resources in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Integrity – We value and reward honesty and accountability, and foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and confidentiality.

Diversity – We are dedicated to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, respecting each person’s dignity and promoting the value that diversity brings to the educational experience.


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COFA HR Contacts

College of Fine Arts / Dean's Office:
Steven Blackwell, Senior Human Resources Coordinator
512-475-7028, steven.blackwell@austin.utexas.edu

Art and Art History:
Irene Roderick, Executive Assistant
512-471-3390, hixsonir@austin.utexas.edu

Butler School of Music:
Kevin Crook, Executive Assistant
512-232-7135 kcrook@austin.utexas.edu

Department of Theatre and Dance:
Tim Creswick, Senior Administrative Associate
512-232-5318, timcreswick@austin.utexas.edu

Texas Performing Arts:
Warren Whitaker, Senior Human Resources Coordinator
512-471-2739, wwhitaker@texasperformingarts.org