Summer Analytics Newsletter

“Website search analytics can provide advantageous insights into what people are looking for on your site and also what your site looks like in search engine results.”

— Dave Sparks,

Search Terms: How are visitors finding your website?

 In Google Analytics, administrators can view a hierarchical list of which Search Terms brought the most visitors to their website. These Search Terms can be a good indicator of what information our visitors are seeking, and how often our websites provide the information they are looking for.

Top Search Terms in the College of Fine Arts

 The COFA Main Website

  1. “art colleges in texas”
  2. “fine arts”
  3. “career in fine arts”

Butler School of Music

  1. “butler school of music”
  2. “longhorn music camp”
  3. “ut band camp”

Art and Art History

  1. “austin university art history phd”
  2. “ut austin art history”
  3. “university of texas art department” 


  1. “landmarks”
  2. “mark di suvero”
  3. “university of texas landmarks collection”

Theatre and Dance

  1. “utexas rhe 306”
  2. “drama based instruction”
  3. “ut austin theatre”