Fall Analytics Newsletter

Events: how much of your website’s traffic is attracted by events?

Fall is a busy season for College of Fine Arts events! Using Google Analytics, we can see how our website traffic is influenced by the events we host. 

Traffic attracted by events over the last fiscal year:


Visitors attracted by events out of total, site-wide amount of visits


  • Texas Performing Arts Website:

596,861 out of 1,079,898 visits, or 55%


  • Butler School of Music: Website:

378,867 out of 1,087,722 visits, or 35%


  • Visual Arts Center Website: 

36,713 out of 75,545 visits or 49%


  • College of Fine Arts Website: 

32,047 out of 375,270 visits or 9%


  • Department of Theatre and Dance Website: 

27,955 out of 354,086 visits or 8%


  • Department of Art and Art History Website:

9,403 out of 527,402 visits or 2%


  • Landmarks Website: 

1,559 out of 81,557 visits or 2%


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