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The COFA Web team is Sarah Snow, Michael Arbore, Steve Portch, George Pasterk and Natalie Wiesehuegel. Reach us at cofawebmaster@austin.utexas.edu. We’re happy to help and guide anyone associated with the college, with Web related questions.

We provide technology solutions for building and maintaining websites throughout the College of Fine Arts. Learn about Web initiatives that qualify for COFA Web team support.

The sites we build have Content Management Systems that allow the content owners to update and maintain the websites themselves. We’ve gathered resources to guide anyone responsible for Web content, including:

Our involvement continues after we hand over the sites we build to the content owners. We are engaged in keeping the sites secure from predatory vulnerabilities that exist on the Web and making sure the sites comply with legal requirements and university policies. We work with university information technology staff to manage infrastructures, back-ups, maintenance, upgrades, maintain user logins, provide introductory training, support, quality assurance auditing, build new sites, add features, layouts and designs, perform statistical data analysis and more.

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The COFA Web team's announcements, tips for a successful website and analysis reports of trends and visitor data.

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The COFA Web team can be reached by emailing us at cofawebmaster@austin.utexas.edu

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