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Department or Unit

* Denotes main point of contact or content expert.
** Denotes sites not built or maintained by the college Web team.

College of Fine Arts

  • Development/Support/Alumni = Natalie Schuessler
  • Student Services = Marie Du Mond, Catherine Whithed, Evelyn Wingard
  • Admissions = Shelton Lewis
  • Career Services = Karen Munnelly
  • About/Events/Showcase (PR) = *Alicia Dietrich, Rose Thayer
    (Each department/unit has at least one representative with the ability to edit some features on the college site.)

Center for Integrated Design,

  • * Michelle Harris
  • Doreen Lorenzo

COFA Faculty,

  • * Tim Creswick
  • Leah Galuban

COFA Fine Arts Staff Council,

  • Misa Yamamoto

Museum Studies,

  • Professor Louis A. Waldman

Public Affairs,

  • *Alicia Dietrich
  • Rose Thayer

Creative 40 Acres,

  • Michelle Harris

** Game Development, (previously

  • Paul Toprac
  • * Cameron Weed

** Diversity Committee,

  • Alicia Deitrich

Fine Arts UTeach (Will go live at the end of the 2017 academic calendar)

  • Alicia Deitrich
  • Leah Galuban
  • Christine Wong
  • * Marilyn McCray (Working on site until launch)

Web Instruction (This site),
Drupal Instruction,
WordPress Instruction,

  • * Sarah Snow
  • Michael Arbore
  • Steve Portch
  • Marilyn Skalberg
  • George Pasterk

Department of Art and Art History

  • * Hunter Thomas
  • Lauren Macknight

The Visual Arts Center,

  •  Emily Kelly  (VAC Interim Director)
  • * Hunter Thomas

** Courtyard Gallery,

  • *Hunter Thomas

The Mesoamerica Center
Maya Meetings,

  • Astrid Runggaldier

** Art History Graduate Students,
Internal and not indexed by Search Engines

  • Stacy Brodie

ARH 303: Survey of Renaissance through (Post) Modern Art (VAPA, GC),

  • Ann Johns

Department of Theatre and Dance

  • * Cassie Gholston
  • Megan Bommarito

  • Megan Bommarito

** Drama Based Pedagogy,

  • * Katie Dawson
  • Lara Dosset

New Works Festival,

  • *Meagan Wilson
  • *Megan Tabaque (student asst. producer 2017)
  • David Justin
  • Kirk Lynn
  • Cassie Gholston
  • Grayson Rosato (student IT/Web chair 2017)

South Texas Theatre Auditions,

  • Morgan Teel

Butler School of Music

  • Business Office, staff/faculty docs = Anthony Zapata
  • Development = Andrew West, Raine Munkens
  • Graduate Students = Jeffrey Grimes, Dan Seriff
  • Graduate Advising = Jeffrey Grimes
  • Scheduling, Venue Management & Instrument Room = Page Stephens
  • Undergraduate Students/Advising =
  • Outreach & Gig Referral = Dan Seriff
  • Publicity, events, news = *Jenny Catchings, Nicholas Galuban
  • Recording = Frank Simon
  • Registrar, classes, syllabi, jury sheets = Stephen Wray
  • Informal Classes = Dan Seriff

Studio, Ensemble and Program areas in the Butler School of Music

Collaborative Piano,

  • * Anne Epperson


  • * Kevin Crook
  • Nicholas Galuban

Center for American Music,

  • James Buhler

Electronic Music Studios,

  • Russell Pinkston

Longhorn Band,

  • *Ryan S Kelly
  • Scott Hanna
  • Luke Gall

Longhorn Music Camp,

Music Theory,

  • *Robert Hatten

Bassoon Studio,

  • Kristin Wolfe Jensen

Clarinet Studio,

  • Nicholas Galuban

Flute Studio,

  • Marianne Gedigian

Oboe Studio,

  • Nicholas Galuban

Harp Studio,

  • *Delaine Fedson Leonard
  • Mikaila Powers

Horn Studio,

  • Patrick Hughes

Percussion Studio,

  • *Thomas Burritt

Saxophone Studio,

  • Stephen Page

Trombone Studio,

  • Nathaniel O. Brickens

Trumpet Studio,

  • Ray Sasaki

Tuba Studio,

  • *Charles Villarrubia
  • Steven L Bryant

** University Bands,

  • Scott S. Hanna
  • *Ryan S. Kelly
  • Jerry Junkin
  • Luke Gall

Musicology and Ethnomusicology Division,

  • Andrew Dell’Antonio
  • Stephen Slawek
  • Sonia Seeman
  • Guido Olivieri
  • Robin Moore
  • *Juan Agudelo
  • Jordyn Keller

Jazz Studies,

  • *Jeff Hellmer
  • Don Gozzard

Choral Program,

  • *James Morrow
  • Cristian Cantu


  • Gerhardt Zimmermann
  • *Tamara Dworetz
  • Paul Grobey

Butler Opera Center,

  • Robert DeSimone
  • Darlene Wiley

Organ Studio,

  • Matthias Maierhofer
  • Melanie Randall (Grad Student)

Center for Sacred Music,

  • *Prof. Matthias Maierhofer
  • Melanie Randall

Piano Project,

  • Sophia Gilmson
  • *Leanna Lam

String Project,

  • *Laurie Scott
  • Mikaila Powers

Texas Youth Wind Symphony,

Violin Studio,
(Not currently live or being indexed by search engines)

  • *Sandy Yamamoto
  • Nicholas Galuban

Texas Performing Arts

  • Development information = Gina Jamison
  • Student Employment updates = Tim Rogers
  • Hook Em Arts  = Lauren S.
  • Campus & Community engagement = Brenda Simms
  • Everything else = *Erica De Leon, Nadia Zakariya
(Emergency backup site, hidden from Google)

  • Erica De Leon
  • Nadia Zakariya


** Turrell Reservations,

  • Nisa Mason
  • *Nick Nobel

  • *Nick Nobel
  • Jullianne Ballou
  • Andrée Bober

Center for Arts and Entertainment Technologies

  • Bruce Pennycook
  • *Cameron Weed

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