WordPress & Drupal

Content Management Systems

WordPress and Drupal are the two  Content Management Systems (CMS) used in the College of Fine Arts. CMS’s empower the content owners to edit the content directly in a browser and allow the Web developers to focus on the technology that runs the systems.

Web developers add features, edit layouts, implement designs, perform maintenance, upgrades and backups, assign user logins, provide introductory training, address support issues, audit for quality assurance, assist with tracking statistical data analysis and other technical tasks.

Content owners and contributors to the CMS are responsible for writing, entering and maintaining the content and images.  Public relations staff in the departments and college can provide tips and resources for good content, developing a messaging strategy and branding. Content contributors receive introductory training and can find documentation, on this website, to guide them with general Web best practices, university policies, legal requirements, and other content owner responsibilities. Share this instruction and resources with your team and future staff members.

WordPress versus Drupal

The WordPress sites we provide are hosted by The University of Texas Blog Service. They are maintained, supported and vetted by the university Web team. The university’s staff is responsible for ensuring these sites are backed-up, upgraded, secure, follow best coding practices and all other maintenance tasks. The COFA Web team staff act as administrators for the sites that are appropriate for this service and assist with basic set-up. We provide additional instruction and support on our COFA WordPress Instruction site. We work closely with the university Web developers to improve the service and add new features.

The Drupal sites we provide are solely customized and maintained by the COFA Web team staff.  Considerable effort and time are required for customizing and maintaining these websites. Websites using the Drupal CMS have high visitor traffic and enterprise level content that require complex dynamic functionality. We work closely with the university Web developers and standardize on the solutions used by campus in the Drupal Services Program. As this service expands we will be taking advantage of the provided services.

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