Standards & Structure

You don’t have to know HTML to create Web pages with a content management system, like WordPress or Drupal. However, it’s important to recognize there is a tagging syntax and standards that computers need in order to understand and present the content. When you use the editor tools to style your pages, for example to make a link or embolden text, you are adding HTML code.


Semantic is the term used to describe the practice of adhering to the standards of best practice coding techniques. A website that is semantic will be search engine friendly, more meaningful, and more future-proof.

A Semantic Website Will Have

Extra BenefitBenefits

  • Search engines, like Google, weigh semantic pages higher in results
  • Different browsers and devices including assistive technologies display content consistently.
  • Unknown future technologies will be more likely to present the content as intended.

Learn More

Learn about Web Semantics on LinkedIn Learning, particularly the chapter Appreciating the Value of the Semantic Web. The organization fighting for standardized practices is called the Web Standards Group. Take the oath to be future friendly.

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