Ways to Get a Website

All websites, including registered student organization’s sites, must comply with university policies and requirements.

The COFA Web team supports, maintains and manages the technology for sponsored/official college and department websites. However, we are happy to be a resource for anyone associated with the college that has Web related questions. To become a sponsored website, the chair or director must approve the Web initiative and public relations staff within the college or department must provide support and facilitation. More about Web initiatives that qualify for COFA Web team support.

The COFA Web team is not resourced to assist student organizations with websites. Students can use many of the services listed below, promote on HornsLink and contact the Office of the Dean of Students for additional resources.

If you are staff or faculty, please let us know if you plan to contact the central campus team or an external provider for any Web related services.

Technology Available for Web Content Creation on Campus

There’s a do it yourself Web publishing option on UT Web provided by the university, including a Drupal Service Program that is improving Drupal support and options on campus. If you’d like to utilize these services please contact us and we’ll help get you started. University services are more secure and stable than externally provided web services and the university staff can assist you. Hosting your website outside of the university is not recommended.

If funding is available you could hire a contractor. Please contact us for guidance.

University Web Services

The university provides many tools that can help you get your content online.

External Web or Cloud Services

Options to provide content online hosted by third party vendors store data on servers outside of university control. Read the Information Security Office’s Cloud Services guide on the risks of data mining, advertising, security, privacy and reliability before utilizing these services.

Approved External Web or Cloud Services

Three external Web services being utilized for some of our college Web content have been approved by the Information Security Office:

Note that SquareSpace has not been approved for university content.

Social Networks

Social networks, like Facebook make it easy to share your message. They are external cloud services and reserve a number of rights so it is important to always read the terms of serviceBy using them, you may be assigning rights you don’t own. See a list of the social networks in the College.

Learn More

Contact the public affairs staff in your department or the COFA Web team, cofawebmaster@austin.utexas.edu for more information.

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