Respond to a Variety of Devices

To create content for a website most people sit at a desk with a large monitor, accessing the Internet through a Web browser, like Safari. Visitors to the site will be on all kinds of devices, operating systems and browsers. Mobile phones, tablets and assistive technology, are just a few devices for accessing the Web and the future holds many more unknowns.


The device and browser companies, the programmers and designers, and the content writers all need to agree to a set of rules and standards so that we can be confident our websites will display and function as expected. The Web Standards Project is the leader in fighting for the standards used on the Web.

Responsive Web Design

All new websites built by the COFA Web team will be designed with standards based best practices to deliver flexible page layouts that are, as much as possible, consistently perceivable, operable, understandable and robust across devices.

You can help by using the techniques we’ve discussed:

Provide Options for Access

It is highly recommended that you provide alternate access options for content whenever possible. Particularly if the content is available in an alternate format or location. For example, if you’re embedding from YouTube, provide a direct link to the video on YouTube. Also include contact information for the visitor to request assistance if s/he is unable to access the video.

Technology is always changing and what works today may not work tomorrow. Code could become obsolete, a browser update could break your content or a new device may not handle the content as expected. Don’t rely too heavily on one delivery system if alternates are available.


The WordPress websites being administered by the COFA Web team use a responsive theme. Not all WordPress themes are responsive. Contact us if you have any questions about the responsiveness of your website.

Learn More

Learn more about the connection of responsiveness and accessibility.  Take the oath to be future friendly. Dive in deep with Brad Frost’s This is Responsive resources list.

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