April 29, 2016


Humanities Spotlight
Douglas Bruster and Cherise Smith; English and Center for African & African American Studies

Humanities Spotlight
Elizabeth Richmond-Garza; English and Comparative Literature

Austin American Statesman
School-to-prison pipeline rooted in Nixon’s war on drugs
Lorna Hermosura, Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis


Beyoncé’s Lemonade is Black woman magic
Natasha Omise’eke Tinsley, African & African Diaspora Studies

Fox News Latino
Deaf Latinos struggle to connect with their families, and their Hispanic heritage
David Quinto-Pozos, Linguistics

Huffington Post
Seeding research to solve intractable social problems
Harel Shapira, Sociology

The Dallas Morning News
‘So wonderful, so great?’ Despite the big talk, Texas secession wouldn’t do us any favors
H.W. Brands, History


The Conversation
Are all black students falling behind?
Kevin Cokley, Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis

The Atlantic
How monitorship is helping more Latino men earn college degrees
Victor Saenz, Center for Mexican American Studies

Willow and Thatch
Will & Jane: the Cult of Celebrity
Janine Barchas, English

UT News
Minority voter groups oppose concealed carry on campuses, UT poll finds
Kevin Cokley, Institute of Urban Policy Research and Analysis

Austin American-Statesman
Rough weather should hit Austin around midnight
Troy Kimmel, Geography & the Environment

Austin American-Statesman
Uber-, Lyft-backed campaign mounts $600,000 TV ad spree
Jim Henson, Texas Politics Project


The Washington Post
A Dutch court said Russia doesn’t have to pay Yukos’s investors. Will Russia have to pay anyway?
Rachel Wellhausen, Government

The Atlantic
Where does fear of refugees come from?
Mark Warr, Sociology

Most black, Latino voters oppose concealed carry of guns on campus:: poll
Kevin Cokley, Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis

Business Insider
The most is tenable presidential candidates, ranked
James Pennebaker and Kayla Jordan, Psychology

Austin American-Statesman
For Jan Scruggs at Vietnam summit, the legacy of a wall that unties
H.W. Brands, History

Austin American-Statesman
Views on Vietnam: Racism and the Vietnam summit
Paul Woodruff, Philosophy

Could the Johnny Manziel mess have been avoided?
Kali Gross, African and African Diaspora Studies


The Texas Tribune
The Brief: Analyzing Ted Cruz’s Hail Mary veep play
Bruce Buchanan, Government

UT sociologist Harel Shapira on American gun culture
Harel Shapira; Sociology and Population Research Center

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Sid Miller’s rodeo image hides diversity of Texas agriculture
Jeannette Vaught, American Studies


The Daily Texan
Minority voters oppose campus carry, poll finds
Texas Politics Project and Kevin Cokley, Institute of Urban Policy Research and Analysis

San Antonio Express-News
Take a job below skills may hurt a career
David Pedulla; Sociology and Population Research Center

April 22, 2016


Times Record News
New legless lizard species named after MSU professor
Chris Kirk, Anthropology

Gay Star Family
Christian Post writer claims study supporting same-sex parenting actually shoes lesbian moms are more ‘angry with their children’
Mark Regnerus, Sociology

Texas power players sit out political opposition to clean power plan
David Spence, Government


Voltaire Net
Greece: The ghost of “prometheus”
James Galbraith, Government

Austin American-Statesman
More flooding rains expected Monday
Troy Kimmel, Geography & The Environment


Your genes may schedule when you lose your virginity
Paige Harden, Psychology

The DM Online
Advocates travel to Oxford for mass incarceration conference
Jermaine Thibodeaux, History graduate student

The Dallas Morning News
Here are 3 failures in Mexico’s drug war. Taking down kingpins is not one of them.
Ricardo Ainslie; LLILAS, CMAS and American Studies

Inside Science
Can the skull tell us if an ancient human walked upright?
Chris Kirk, Anthropology

Scientific American
Do genes time one’s loss of virginity?
Katherine Paige Harden, Psychology

Utah Public Radio
Ron Chernow’s ‘Alexander Hamilton’ on Monday’s Access Utah
H.W. Brands, History

The impeachment of Brazil’s President Dima Rousseff now seems all but inevitable
Maracelo Paixão; LLILAS and African & African Diaspora Studies


Education Week
Scholars: Better gauges needed for ‘mindset,’ ‘grit
David Yeager, Psychology

Carnegie Corporation
Announcing the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellows
Harel Shapira, Sociology

Austin American-Statesman
How Texas, animal protectionism and the ASPCA are intertwined
Janet Davis, American Studies

UT News
UT Sociologist wins Carnegie Fellowship for research on U.S. Gun culture
Harel Shapira, Sociology

University of Texas sociologist secures prestigious Carnegie Fellowship
Harel Shapira, Sociology

Christian Science Monitor
Utah declares pornography a ‘public health crisis.’ Will other states follow?
Robert Jensen, Women’s and Gender Studies

Utah becomes first state to declare porn a ‘public health crisis’
Robert Jensen, Women’s and Gender Studies


The Daily Texan
UT Libraries project organizes historical data
Adam Rabinowitz, Classics

Play explores life as a ‘Single Black Female’
Lisa B. Thompson, African and African Diaspora Studies

The 2016 Pulitzer Prize winner in Investigative Reporting
Michael Braga, Economics alumnus

With LGBT issues, Abbott must balance base and business
Jim Henson and Joshua Blank, Texas Politics Project


Inside Higher Ed
The case for podcasts in your marketing mix
Chris Rose, Middle Eastern Studies

Queens Chronicle
Exploring health and migration abroad
Roberta Villalon, Sociology and Latin American Studies alumna

Illinois News Bureau
Research group tells the stories of hidden histories on the University of Illinois campus
Edmund Gordon, African and African Diaspora Studies


Humanities Texas
Choices and Choicelessness in wartime France: Irène Némirovsky’s final journey
Department of English, Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies, and Program in Comparative Literature

Stop trying to control nature
Erika Bsumek, History

The Blaze
The myth of the gender wage gap
Daniel Hamermesh, Economics

Is there really such a thing as a cat person?
Sam Gosling, Psychology

The Daily Beast
Texas secessionists already have embassy in Paris
François Lagarde, French & Italian

Harriet Tubman isn’t the first black woman to appear on currency in the U.S.
Daina Berry; History and African & African Diaspora Studies

Washington Post
Obama’s legacy: A hopeful moment on race
Peniel Joseph, History

April 15, 2016


Temple Daily News
Biographers hares views on what made Ronald Reagan tick
H.W. Brands, History

My Dayton Daily News
A Kasich win would be one for history books
Lewis Gould, History

History News Network
The Supreme Court mystery we couldn’t solve
Lucas Powe, Government

Who’s really qualified to be president?
H.W. Brands, History


Canton Rep
Kasich pinning hopes for nomination on brokered convention
Lewis Gould, History

Library Journal
H.W. Brands, History


The National
The ugly truth is that beauty pays
Daniel Hamermesh, Economics

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
WorkZone: Your current job may send the wrong signal to employers
David Pedulla; Sociology and Population research Center

The Columbus Disbatch
Ohio politics now: Will John Kasich’s contested convention strategy work?
Lewish Gould, History

She knows
The ‘M-word’ we need to be careful using in front of our girls
Catherine Riegle-Crumb and Melissa Humphries; Sociology and Population Research Center

Fact-checking the White House’s Supreme Court history
Lucas Powe, Government

The New York Times
In Mexico City, exploring a volcano sacred to Aztecs
David Stuart, Anthropology


Texas Standard
How much can we trust our memories?
Nick Griffin, Psychology PhD candidate

The Huffington Post
5 awesome benefits millenials gain from their MBA
Rachel Wolfson, English alumna

The Dallas Morning News
3 steps to chip away at the gender pay gap
Shetal Vohra-Gupta, Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis


The Boston Globe
Backseat driving the driverless car
Daniel Hamermesh, Economics

News Busters
On MSNBC, Tina Brown touts bogus claim ‘over 100,00’ TX women have tried self-abortion
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

The American Prospect
When abortions are hard to get
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Tech Insider
This site will give you a scientific analysis of your personality based only on your tweets
James Pennebaker, Psychology

Analyzing the New York Accents of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Lars Hinrichs, English

New Student Body President Kevin Helgren is ready to challenge the status quo
Kevin Helgren; Liberal Arts Honors and Psychology student


The Brownsville Herald
UTRG celebrates author Américo Paredes
Richard Flores, Anthropology and Associate Dean

UT group working to raise awareness about mental health
Jordan Cope; Liberal Arts Honors and International Relations & Global Studies student

The Huffington Post
In energy politics, simple wins, but simple is usually wrong
David Spence, Government


UT News
U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul speaks with graduate students on national security
Jeremi Suri, History

Corpus Christi Caller-Times
How Texas, animal protectionism, ASPCA intertwined
Janet Davis, American Studies

Texas Monthly
A different kind of horror film
Deborah Esquenazi, English alumna

This Twitter personality analysis website guesses your life outlook based on your tweets
James Pennebaker, Psychology

April 8, 2016


Longview News-Journal
Foster: Unintended consequences from legislature’s war on women
Texas Policy Evaluation Project


Mint on Sunday
Why a better Facebook photo can land you a better job
Daniel Hamermesh, Economics

Music. Mic.
Here’s what a Beyoncé studies class would look like
African and African Diaspora Studies

How did evil evolve, and why did it persist?
Sam Gosling, Psychology

The Chronicle for Higher Education
What’s wrong with inequality studies?
Juliet Hooker; Government and African & African Diaspora Studies


Endometriosis News
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in widespread use raise risk of endometriosis and uterine fibroids, EU study suggests
Andrea Gore, Psychology

The New Civil Rights Movement
Texas lawmaker working to write anti-LGBT discrimination into state constitution
Stanford Levinson, Government

CBS Philly
Author and historian: Founders would oppose Donald Trump
H.W. Brands, History

Houston Chronicle
Oil backslides as nations disagree on production freezes
Jeremi Suri, History

Harvard Business Review
Can data literacy protect us from misleading political ads?
John Bullock, Government


USA Today
U.Va. Report: Med students believe black people feel less pain than whites
Alexandra Samuels, Rhetoric & Writing Student


The real question anti-abortion advocates should answer
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Johnson & Johnson preyed on black women’s bodies
Natasha Omise’eke Tinsley, African and African Diaspora Studies

Environmental Health News
In W. Virginia, frack wastewater may be messing with hormones
Andrea Gore, Psychology


The Art Newspaper
The Lessons of Palmyra: Islamic state and iconoclasm in the era of click bait
Stephennie Mulder, Middle Eastern Studies

University of Colorado News Center
Feminine women deemed less likely to be scientists, CU-Boulder study finds
Jacob Westfall, Psychology post-doc

The Huffington Post
Looming U.S. Zika threat highlights perennial low-birth weight crisis for black moms
Catherine Cubbin, Population Research Center

Texas Observer
What will Texas’ new repro health safety net look like?
Texas Policy Evaluation Project


Kansas State Collegian
Author covers ‘Enigma of Reagan’ at 168th Landon Lecture
H.W. Brands, History

The Mercury
Historian: Reagan’s presidency shifted direction of politics
H.W. Brands, History

New study shows leaked fracking wastewater in West Virginia has fertility-threatening chemicals
Andrea Gore, Psychology

How J&J markets cancerous talcum powder to black women
Natasha Omise’eke Tinsley, African and African Diaspora Studies

April 1, 2016


The Washington Post
Will Donald Trump really build that wall? Here’s a new research tool for finding out which promises presidents keep
Annelise Russell, Government Ph.D. Candidate

Houston Chronicle
Little credit paid to Texas’ moneymen for bring order to chaos-vexed city
H.W. Brands, History


Education Week
Data lacking about how LGBT students are treated at school, researchers say
Stephen Russell, Sociology and PRC

The Tartan
Professor collects unique new item for Austen exhibit
Janine Barchas, English


Indiana University
Data needed to stop unfair discipline of LGBT students in public schools
Stephen Russell, Sociology and PRC

Austin American-Statesman
Host of library events usher in spring
H.W. Brands, History

The Washington Post
Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now
Bethany Albertson, Government

The Huffington Post
Why schools need to learn more about their students’ sexual identities 
Stephen Russell; Sociology and PRC

Knoxville News Sentinel
WorkWise: Lesser jobs and hiring desks
David Pedulla, Sociology

Inside Higher Ed
Designing next-generation universities
Steven Mintz, History

Indiana Daily Student
IU researchers argue more data needed in LGBT disparities in schools
Stephen Russell, Sociology and PRC

UT students create app to detect skin cancer at home
Rachel Graubard, Psychology and Liberal Arts Honors


Gossip Monthly
Muslims ‘absolutely not reporting’ terror activity: Donald Trump
James Henson, Texas Politics Project

The Washington Post
Don’t trust presidential candidates who can’t trust themselves
H.W. Brands, History

Taking a job below one’s skill level can negatively affect future employment, says study
David Pedulla, Sociology

Daily Mail
Sacred text found in Italy could unlock the secrets of the Etruscan religion
Ingrid Edlund-Berry, Classics

IN Homeland Security
Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now
Bethany Albertson, Government


The Christian Science Monitor
2,500-year-old slab offers window into ancient Etruscan faith
Ingrid Edlund-Berry, Classics

Texas Standard
Should Supreme Court Justices serve single nonrenewable terms?
Stanford Levinson, Government


The Conversation
We need to look beyond unemployment to fix labor market inequality
David Pedulla, Sociology and PRC

Donald Trump has collapsed in general election polls
Christopher Wiezien, Government

Foreign Policy
ISIS in Bangladesh: There’s still time to stop it, but only if action is taken
Sara Kaiser-Cross, Middle Eastern Studies alumna

How Trump has proved the founder right
H.W. Brands, History

The Washington Post
Will Brazil impeach its president? Here’s a hand guide to the process and politics in play
Ryan Lloyd, Government student

ABC News
2 teams afoul of NCAA meet in final 4 ‘infraction bowl’
Tom Palaima, Classics


The Wall Street Journal
What speech patterns say about the presidential candidates
James Pennebaker, Psychology

The Hill
Trump had one thing right about abortion
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Houston Chronicle
Mystery still surrounds ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’
Joe Frantz, Former faculty and chair of history department