Jan. 25, 2019


Scientific American
Is only-child syndrome real?
Toni Falbo, Psychology and Sociology

Why we can expect to see a long list of 2020 presidential candidates
Josh Blank, Texas Politics Project


The Daily Texan
The Texas Legislature kicked off earlier this month. Now what?
Texas Politics Project

We will not be bullied into silence’: Over 350 scholars and Civil Rights movement veterans speak out in support of Palestinian rights and Angela Davis
Ashley Farmer, Christen Smith, Laurie Green, Minkah Makalani, Mónica A. Jiménez, Nicole Burrowes, Karma R. Chavez & Todd Moye, AADS, Mexican American & Latina/o Studies and History


Big Country
Texans view student loan debt as a personal and policy problem
Jim Henson and Josh Blank, Texas Politics Project

Austin American-Statesman
Texans in polls say certificate or degree essential for good job
Jim Henson and Josh Blank, Texas Politics Project

Thousands rally at the State Capitol for school choice Wednesday
Jim Henson, Texas Politics Project

Cherokee Tribune Ledger News
Anti-ism is a vital part of America’s political system
H.W. Brands, History


Americans think the shutdown is a bigger issue than the border
Daron Shaw, Government

Waco Tribune-Herald
No need to sleep on scrapping daylight saving time
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO

The Daily Texan
Psychology explains difficulty behind keeping New Year’s resolutions
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO

Abilene Reporter-News
Waco Tribune-Herald
Hour draws near to get rid of daylight saving time
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO


You can thank your open office for contributing to burnout
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO

Texas Standard
Dan Patrick shows Kel Seliger who’s boss in the Texas Senate
Sean Theriault, Government

Middle East Forum
Denise Spellberg on Jefferson’s “marked interest” in Islam (Part One)
Denise Spellberg, History

Christian Science Monitor
As new ‘caravan’ enters Mexico, a different welcome awaits
Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology and LLILAS

New UT Austin center aims to help Texas’ growing elderly population
Karen Fingerman & Debra Umberson, Texas Aging & Longevity Center, Population Research Center, Sociology

Trump said 1 in 3 migrant women is sexually assaulted in journey to the United States. Is that true?
Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology and LLILAS

Jan. 19, 2019


Julian Castro announces bid for President in 2020
Jim Henson, Texas Politics Project

Southwestern University
Southwestern hosts dream week
Pavithra Vasudevan, AADS & Women’s and Gender Studies


A diverse Congress is worth celebrating—but it’s just a start, experts say
Leonard Moore, History

Dallas Morning News
Julián Castro’s kickoff message reflects rapidly changing face of Democratic Party
James Henson, Texas Politics Project

Could Texas marijuana laws really change this legislative session?
Jim Henson, Texas Politics Project


The Washington Post
America loves to praise Martin Luther King Jr. But we ignore his message
Peniel Joseph, History

Austin American-Statesman
SNOW WAY: Austin blizzard possible? Yes, but very, very, very unlikely
Troy Kimmel, Geography & the Environment

Houston’s Grant Pinkerton, 30 Under 30 Honoree, plots Texas barbecue empire with San Antonio expansion
Grant Pinkerton, Rhetoric & Writing alumnus

GOP is punishing Rep. Steve King for racism. But newsflash: he’s always been a bigot
Bethany Albertson, Government


21st Century Pain Solutions
Pain and the “expressive writing” technique
Jamie Pennebaker, Psychology

The Atlantic
Cambodian deportees return to a ‘home’ they’ve never known
Eric Tang, AADS

The Voting News
On Martin Luther King’s 90th birthday, a reminder of how far we have come and how far we still have to go
Peniel Joseph, History

Texas GOP Vote
Finding the rational middle on DACA
Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Government


The Courier
Local black professionals talk workplace inequities
Peniel Joseph, History

Fast Company
Feeling depressed and bored at work? Do these 5 things to spark inspiration
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

Texas Standard
Nancy Pelosi pushes for a State of the Union postponement
Jeremi Suri, History

San Antonio Express-News
Despite legal victory, Whole Woman’s Health shutters San Antonio abortion clinic
Texas Politics Project


How the Red Scare weakened radical feminism
Julia Mickenberg, American Studies

CBS News
MS-13 and the violence driving migration from Central America
Nestor Rodriguez, Sociology

Pacific Standard
What will happen if Texas succeeds in kicking Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid program?
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Revenge fantasies
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO

The Modern Met
15+ creative online classes to spark your imagination this week
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO

Jan. 11, 2019


History News Network
What can historians tach the media in the era of Trump? 4 historians weigh in
Jeremi Suri, History


Seymore Tribune
AP News
Police confront 2 men, 1 white, 1 black: only 1 is shot
Kevin Cokley, Africa & African Diaspora Studies & IUPRA

Unconventional Thinkers
Interview with James Pennebaker
Jamie Pennebaker, Psychology


Contemporary Obgyn
Study finds many low-income women denied contraception at first postpartum visit
Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Chicago Booth Review
Who really pays when the government cuts Medicare Advantage subsidies?
Michael Geruso and Marika Cabral, Economics

Joplin Globe
Our culture’s unrelenting attraction to stupefaction
Texas Politics Project


Psychology Today
Who is stressed for time?
Daniel Hamermesh, Economics Professor Emeritus

Fast Company
Why you should start your New Year’s resolutions on March 4
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

The Hill
Should we build a border wall or fund research that saves millions of lives?
Andrea Gore, Psychology


The Texas Tribune
Tarrant County GOP set to vote in whether to remove vice-chairman because he’s Muslim
Jeremi Suri, History

New Jersey Herald
The ‘stupefaction’ side of legalizing marijuana
Texas Politics Project

UT News
Ann Huff Stevens appointed Dean of UT Austin’s College of Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts


Tarrant County GOP set to vote in whether to remove vice-chairman because he’s Muslim
Jeremi Suri, History

LA Times
Compromise in politics can be intolerable. The run-up to the Civil War shows that
H.W. Brands, History

Kearney Hub
Compromise wasn’t always a dirty word
H.W. Brands, History

What the death of Jazmine Barnes tells us about racial anxiety in America
Eric Tang, AADS


Financial Times
Are our life chances determined by our DNA?
David Buss, Psychology

Acquaintances in the wild
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

D Magazine
McKesson missed its benchmarks and never received incentives for Irving move
Nate Jensen, Government

The Free Weekly
Cling Kong
David Buss, Psychology

Jan. 4, 2018


Houston Chronicle
Changing marijuana laws in Canada and Mexico create pressure on Texas
Texas Politics Project


Psychology Today
What exactly is infidelity?
David Buss, Psychology

A woman facing deportation says she was denied justice because she speaks an indigenous language
Sergio Romero, Spanish & Portuguese and LLILAS


Action News Now
2019: year of Beto-mania, Brexit and the unapologetic Cardi B
Joseph Peniel, History


The Dallas Morning News
Police groups wary of Texas lawmakers’ plans to decriminalize pot, stop officers from seizing assets
Texas Politics Project


Austin American-Statesman
Instead of Apple perks, give taxpayers a break
Nathan Jensen, Government

Houston Chronicle
How can the U.S. avoid a Space Pearl Harbor? [Opinion] Celeste Ward Gventer, History graduate students and Associate Director of Clements Center for National Security

Martha Stewart
Journaling is the self-care you need in 2019
Jamie Pennebaker, Psychology


A growing number of travel businesses ask people to ditch their cellphones
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

Want more emotional intelligence in 2019? Do more of this 1 thing, according to 2 Clinical
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

History Channel
Why the Quran was a bestseller among Christians in the 18th Century America
Denise Spellberg, History

Washington Post
Big elections are coming in 2019. Here’s how they could reshape foreign policy.
Scott Wolford, Government

Broadway World
Japan Society present performing arts program lecture ‘Suicide Culture & Its Influence On Artists’
Kirsten Cather, Asian Studies

STL News
Why Jefferson’s vision of American Islam matters today
Denise Spellberg, History

Daily Caller
Rep. Rashida Tlaib sworn in on Jefferson’s Quran
Denise Spellberg, History

Texas Monthly
The Bull x the Horns: a new advice column
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO


Texas Tribune
The Paris News
Big Country
“I don’t do this for fun.” Patients are hopeful Texas will expand access to medical cannabis
Texas Politics Project

One Life Podcast
Failure with Dr. Art Markman
Art Markman, Psychology & HDO

The Missourian
Review: “Heirs of the Founders”
H.W. Brands, History