March 20, 2020


UC Santa Cruz
Timing is key for parents who want to help children learn at museums, say researchers
Cristine Legare, Psychology
The Bitter Truth
Mirror, Mirror: Dr. Art Markman discusses narcissism personality disorder
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
The New York Times
Food, a basic pleasure, is suddenly fraught
Hi’ilei Hobart, Anthropology
Coronavirus and the 2020 election: A collapsing economy is a disaster for the incumbent
Christopher Wlezien, Government
USA Today
Detroit Free Press
Does crisis change voting habits? Coronavirus could push voters to candidates they view as trustworthy
Daron Shaw, Government
How to make sure social distancing and self-isolation don’t hurt your mental health
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
No ‘huge red flag that fraud occurred’ in Mass. Primary
Daron Shaw, Government
Texas Monthly
Is climate change denial thawing in Texas?
Texas Politics Project
An open letter to my peers partying on the beach
Annika Olson, Texas Policy Evaluation Project and IUPRA
Global Health News
Breastfeeding gap’ exists among Mexican-origin women living in Texas
Michelle Eilers, student, Texas Policy Evaluation Project
Trump pitches wartime president for 2020 after markets fail him
Daron Shaw, Government and Texas Politics Project
The Conversation
We are entering a recession – but what did we learn from the last one?
Ken-Hou Lin, Sociology
San Antonio Express-News
There’s nothing here’ – coronavirus panic clears grocery shelves
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
The Texas Observer
Abortion clinics in Texas rely on traveling doctors: Coronavirus is keeping some of them home
Kari White, Texas Policy Evaluation Project
Business Times
Trump labels himself ‘wartime president’ as virus erases market gains
Daron Shaw, Government and Texas Politics Project
Crain’s Chicago Business
Pritzker looks to freshen up Illinois’ corporate come-ons
Nathan Jensen, Government
The Globe and Mail
Trump flounders in the spotlight while others try to fight the COVID-19 crisis in spite of him
Shannon O’Brien, Government
Austin American-Statesman
In dire times, we’ve rallied together. We can do it again.
Evan Carton, English