Apirl 17, 2020

The Good Men Project
Truly successful people become exceptional at one thing and use the confidence to branch out
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
Abilene Reporter-News
Calling it the ‘Chinese virus’ distracts from addressing public health needs
Ricardo Lowe and Tracie Lowe, IUPRA
Wausau Pilot & Review
Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts about the holiday
Brent Landau, Religious Studies
The Texas Observer
What one Texan had to do to get an abortion during the pandemic
Texas Policy Evaluation Project
Waco Tribune-Herald
Caller Times

Are we finally seeing science denialism for the death wish that it is?

Heather Houser, English
Trump’s key 2020 states reel under twin blows of virus, job loss
Christopher Wlezien, Government
Americans are skeptical of the government – except when there’s a crisis

Bethany Albertson, Government
Brit + Co
10 brilliant WFH productivity tips from organizational psychologist Adam Grant
James Pennebaker, Psychology
Erie News Now
Where to look. When to talk. How to get the most out of virtual meetings.
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
News Break
Texas redistricting could be affected by coronavirus-related delays of census
Texas Politics Project
San Antonio Express-News
The next pandemic is inevitable, and those racist comments don’t help

Ricardo Lowe and Tracie Lowe, IUPRA
The Copper Courier
From AIDS to COVID-19: How history has paved the way for the U.S. response to pandemics

Karma Chavez, Mexican American Studies
Armenian Reporter
President Trump’s poll numbers are strengthening
Daron Shaw, Government
Sorry, I was on mute.’ 5 tips for better video meetings

Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
Reform Austin
Will COVID-19 affect Texas’ urbanization trend?

Ricardo Lowe and Tracie Lowe, IUPRA
USA Today
America has suffered great loss before. Here’s how we may learn to cope with coronavirus death toll
Mark Atwood Lawrence, History
Austin American-Statesman
Abbott faces crosswinds as he prepares plan to reopen Texas

Bethany Albertson, Government
Greenwich Times
Biden transformed the vice presidency. Whom can he pick to follow his lead?
Jeremi Suri, History
Seeking Alpha
The income method: Combating boredom trading
Art Markman, Psychology and HDO
Boston Review
Abortions don’t drain hospital resources
Texas Policy Evaluation Project
Souvenirs: Memories you can hold on to

Sam Gosling, Psychology