Mentor and Tutor Positions in Athletics

Academic Mentors work with students in a structured environment to assist in the development of each student’s ability to effectively transition from high school to college and to develop study skills they will be able to use throughout their college experience. Mentors are assigned a group of students who meet for 2 hours per day, 4-5 days per week. The Academic Mentor works to oversee each student’s daily academic preparation, which includes monitoring individual class progress and attendance in addition to teaching study skills and time management. Ideal Mentor candidates will have prior teaching experience or career goals in education.

Tutors work with students on mastering course specific content and are hired according to the subject area needs of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Tutors are scheduled as needed and do not have a guaranteed number of work hours per week. Ideal Tutor candidates will have prior teaching or tutoring experience at the university level as well as a strong and complete working knowledge of the applicable field of study.

In addition to scheduled work hours, Academic Mentors and Tutors are required to attend an orientation session at the beginning of the semester as well as several scheduled meetings throughout the semester. Academic Mentors and Tutors must possess the ability to work positively with students within the boundaries and standards set by the Intercollegiate Athletics Department at The University of Texas and the NCAA.

*Note: These are part-time positions and are paid on an hourly basis. They do not meet the criteria needed for in-state tuition or benefits at the University.

If interested in applying, please follow the following links to the job descriptions and application process:

Academic Mentor: