Senate of College Councils Recruitment (2015-2016)


My name is Alexander Kim and I’m the Diversity Ad-Hoc Coordinator of the Senate of College Councils. We serve as the official voice for students in academic affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. As one of three Legislative Student Organizations at the University, Senate works to represent the needs, concerns, and opinions of students through the 20 college councils. I am writing to inform you that Senate is looking for a diverse pool of applicants this year. We would greatly appreciate it if your department would publicize our application in your student newsletter. Students can find more information on our website at I’ll attach the application below. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.

Alexander Kim

Alexander Kim
The University of Texas at Austin
College of Liberal Arts | International Relations & Global Studies
Diversity Ad-Hoc Coordinator | Senate of College Councils | 703-314-9876