Possible Elective Course: Arab Literary Travels

We’d like to invite students to add this very timely course when registration opens again in January.

Arab Literary Travels
34522 E    324
32884 C L  323
41084 MES  342
46077 WGS  340

TTH     11:00AM –  12:30PM   PAR  302

Carries Global Cultures Flag.

This course introduces students to modern Arabic and Arab-Anglophone literature through
vocabularies of travel: exile, estrangement, study abroad, immigration, diaspora, return,
displacement, and dispossession.

In class, students will balance artistic production influenced by travel with the real conditions ofpoverty, loss, and violence that impact contemporary immigrants and refugees. In the twentiethand twenty-first centuries, literature has emerged from Palestinian dispossession in 1948 and1967, oil compound development in the Gulf, the Lebanese Civil War, decolonization efforts in North Africa and the Middle East, and, more recently, continued refugee crises in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.

This same period has produced thinkers and artists like Edward Said, Leila Ahmed,
Mahmoud Darwish, and Miral al-Tahawi, all of whom understand movement, travel, and even exile or estrangement to be essential components of their creative endeavors. As students explore texts from these authors and events, they will learn to focus particularly on the class, gender, and ethnic disparities that inform different narratives’ relationship to travel.

We’ll use the travel narrative framework to explore Arabic literature’s encounter with foreign spaces and literatures, including those colored by colonial legacies and histories of conflict. Ultimately, students in this class will discover a breadth of modern Arabic literature while learning to situate that literature in a global context that considers critically the types of movement bringing people, places, and ideas into contact.

“Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience”
Edward Said, “Reflections on Exile”

Women’s & Gender Studies hiring creative Work-Studies for Spring 2016

The Center for Women’s & Gender Studies is hiring work-study students
for receptionist, graphic design, or videography work in Spring 2016.

Applicants must have a work-study award from the Office of Financial Aid.

All genders are encouraged to apply!
We’d like to hire someone before Spring 2016 classes begin, if possible.
Summer opportunities may also be available.

The mission of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) is to create committed communities that address the challenges faced in the areas of gender, sexuality, diversity, and equity.  We foster these communities inside and outside The University of Texas at Austin through: Interdisciplinary research; Undergraduate and graduate teaching; Social advocacy; Community partnerships.

You MUST have a work-study award from the financial aid office in order to apply. (Financial Aid: http://finaid.utexas.edu/ )

Available positions:

Student will be qualified to perform such duties as: answering phones, preparing mailings, including event publicity; data entry; office filing; making campus-wide deliveries; flyering; acting as front-desk receptionist; helping with website; and assisting with event coordination.  Experience with creating flyers would be great too, but not required.  Students may also be asked to help with other clerical tasks in the office.

Graphic Designer-
Student will be qualified to perform such duties as: creating graphic flyers using Adobe software (Photoshop or Illustrator and/or InDesign), preparing mailings, including event publicity; data entry; office filing; making campus-wide deliveries; flyering; acting as front-desk receptionist; maintaining and updating website; and assisting with event coordination.
This position will may help manage the front desk/reception area.  Students will also be asked to help with other clerical tasks in the office.

We are looking for someone who can make videos for our social media outlets.  The ideal candidate should have experience shooting and editing videos.  Adobe Premiere software available in the office.  Knowledge and enthusiasm for feminist and social justice issues is also wanted, but also a willingness to learn is appreciated.  Ideal candidate should also be skilled at time management, able to multi-task, meet deadlines and balance multiple projects.  Graphic design skills are also a plus.
This position will may help manage the front desk/reception area.  Students will also be asked to help with other clerical tasks in the office.

You MUST have a work-study award from the financial aid office in order to apply.  We do not have any non-work-study positions available at this time.
Please email a statement of interest, work-study award amounts, detailed resume, any past creative work samples, your availability (not class) schedule, and ajsalcedo@austin.utexas.edu to schedule an interview ASAP. If you have any questions, please call the CWGS Office at (512) 471-5765.

Things to keep in mind:
• Punctuality makes a great first impression.
• Follow directions (for example, include a statement of interest).
• Your class schedule vs. free time -when can you really work?
• Be professional – if you can’t make an interview or have already found a job, let other interviewers know. As a courtesy, a quick email will save others time and work.
• Bring your work-study award letter and resume to the interview.

Find us on hirealonghorn.org
Job Title ID

Seeking Awesome Work-Study Student Assistant for Receptionist help Spring 2016
seeking creative Graphic Designer for Work-Study (awesome) Student Assistant
seeking creative Videographer for (awesome) Student Assistant Work-Study position


Alma J. Salcedo, M. Ed. (pronouns she/her/hers)
Program Coordinator for Academic Affairs
Center for Women’s and Gender Studies
Burdine Hall (BUR) 540
Direct: 512 475-7858

Please include UT EIDs and UNIQUE numbers in correspondence regarding academic courses.

Announcing the “Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Fellowship” competition – due 1/22/16

InfoReady Review

Announcing the Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Fellowship competition

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Spring 2016 Undergraduate Research Fellowship competition. You can click the link above to view the competition page, and review the details below as well. Please share with colleagues you think may be interested.

Internal Submission Deadline: Friday, January 22, 2016
Award Cycle: 2015-16
Evaluation Criteria: • Clarity and thoroughness of presentation (error-free, jargon-free, clearly labeled and explained) • Relevance to the applicant’s degree program and career plans. • Scientific, scholarly, or creative merit of the project. • Evidence of ability to carry out the project (as shown by accomplishments and letter of support) • Budget reasonably reflects the proposed project’s needs, is itemized and justified.
For more information about the URF: http://www.utexas.edu/research/resources/awards-fellowships-grants
The purpose of the URF competition is to provide support for scholarly research projects conducted by University undergraduate students. Fellowships are intended to cover costs associated with research projects proposed and written by undergraduate student applicants and undertaken with the supervision of a University tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure track faculty member, or full-time Research staff member. The supervisor will attest to the appropriateness of the student’s research expenses throughout the project, and will need Principal Investigator (PI) status in order to request IACUC, IBC, or IRB approvals, if applicable. For a list of personnel titles that qualify as PI, please visit:http://www.utexas.edu/research/osp/osp_handbook.html#pis.


There are two opportunities to apply during the academic year. The next deadline is Friday, January 22, 2016. Awards will be announced in mid-February. URFs will expire August 31, 2016,unless the student graduates earlier, in which case the fellowship will expire on UT’s official commencement date. All funds not spent by the expiration date will revert back to the URF fund.


Only UT students may apply.
Applicants must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 hours) at The University of Texas at Austin in a bachelor’s degree program or in the PharmD Program. Graduating seniors must provide full-time status certification by the Registrar’s Office or academic advisor, if enrollment is less than 12 hours at time of applying.
URF awards are given once per student, per academic year, September 1st – August 31st. For instance, a student may re-apply again in the Spring, after an unsuccessful Fall application.
Previous URF recipients may apply in multiple years; however, the likelihood of receiving an award in two consecutive years is dependent upon funding constraints and the size and qualifications of the applicant pool.
Applicants must have a minimum overall in-residence UT GPA of 2.5.
Research projects must be independent. URFs will not fund UT-sponsored or specific class-associated research or travel (e.g., Study Abroad, seminars, etc.). Award limit is $1,000 per project. Applicant must meet eligibility requirements, and must receive endorsement by the supervisor. Only one qualified supervisor is allowed per project.
Information session: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 11:00am to 12:00pm, FAC 328

** The Vice President for Research reserves the right to prioritize funding criteria (e.g., expected date of graduation, previous URFs received, GPA, number of students supervised by a professor, etc.) based upon the pool of applications received. **

See competition

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STUDY ABROAD: Faculty-Led & Internship deadlines extended to spring 2016!

Summer Faculty-Led 2016

Extended to February 15th:

·        Salvador da Bahia, Brazil – Language and Culture in Salvador (POR 601D, POR610S, POR 611D, POR 327C; POR 328C taught by Dr. Sonia Roncador). Service learning component included.

·        Antigua, Guatemala – Language, Diversity and Education at Casa Herrera
Three Sessions
Summer I: Culture, Diversity and Education at Casa Herrera (ALD 327 cross-listed with MAS 374 & LAS 322 and one of the following language courses: SPN 318, SPN 319S, SPN 327G, or LAS 319S taught by Dr. Luis Urrieta). Service learning component included.
Summer II: Acquiring Languages and Literacies: Connections to ESL Teaching (ALD 329 cross-listed with ALD 330 & LAS 322 and one of the following language courses: SPN 318, SPN 319S, SPN 327G, or LAS 319S taught by Dr. Rebecca Callahan). Service learning component included.
Summer Whole: Language, Diversity and Education at Casa Herrera (ALD 327 or cross-listing and ALD 329 or cross-listing and 6 language credits from the following courses: SPN 318, SPN 319S, SPN 327G, LAS 319S, SPN 601D, SPN 610D, or SPN 611D).  Service learning component included.

·        Mexico City, Mexico – NAFTA, Narcos, Neoliberalism (MAS 177, MAS 373, MAS 379 taught by Dr. Laura Gutierrez.)

·        Mexico City, Mexico – Language and Culture in Mexico City (SPN610D, SPN611D, SPN327C and SPN357 taught by Dr. Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba)

·        Santander, Spain – Language, Culture, and Engineering in Santander –

Courses in Spanish:
Session I:  SPN 611D, SPN 330L, SPN 328C; SPN 327C taught by Prof. Mina Ogando

Session II: SPN 611D, SPN 357, SPN 352, SPN 357; SPN 327C taught by Prof. Sarah Jey Whitehead

Courses in English:
Session I:  Engineering Communication (E E 333T will count as technical requirement for ME 333T, EE 333T, CE 333T, BME 333T for any engineering major, taught by Dr. William Fagelson). Students also take a 3-credit Spanish course, for a total of 6 credit hours.

Semester Plus Faculty-Led

Extended to February 15th:

·        Madrid, Spain – UT in Madrid (GOV 365N taught by Dr. Kenneth Greene and LA 119 taught by Dr. Deirdre Mendez)


Extended to February 1st:

·        Barcelona
·        Shanghai
·        Shenzhen
·        Hong Kong

Kindest regards,

ARELIS PALACIOS, M.S.  Assistant Director, Study Abroad
International Office  |  The University of Texas at Austin  |  (512) 471-5109  |  palacios@austin.utexas.edu  |  world.utexas.edu
facebook  |  twitter

Take the 2015-2016 Moody College of Communication Survey!

Take the 2015-2016 Moody College of Communication Survey! We want to hear what you have to say! Communication Council, working in coordination with Dean Bernhardt, the Student Deans, department heads, and the advisors, wants to know what you think about the college! The results of this survey will give an invaluable student voice in improving our college for the future! Let your voice be heard!


Thank you for taking the time to make the Moody College an even better place to learn!

Forensic Science Certificate Program

We are excited to announce that the official website for the Forensic Science Certificate program is now live!  Here is the link to the site: https://cns.utexas.edu/forensic-science-certificate

The website provides information on the requirements, course options, FAQ’s and contact information. At this time there is no application required to pursue the certificate. However, students are required to submit an application requesting the certificate be transcripted in their graduating semester. The link to that application is at the bottom of the main page.

We have heard from some of you that several students are interested in the program, so please refer them to this site to review the information provided. If they have additional question please refer them the contact info on the site. They can set up an appointment to meet with me or send an email.

If you have any students you know are pursuing this certificate and graduating this semester, I would appreciate it if you could forward their EID’s to me so I can make sure I capture as many students as I can. Also please encourage them to complete the application on the site as soon as possible.

Shannon-A’lyce J. Oulds, Senior Academic Advisor
College Readiness/ Pre-Health Professions &
Forensic Science Certificates Advisor
College of Natural Sciences

Internships at LLILAS

Internships at LLILAS

The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, a multidisciplinary institute that integrates several centers and programs devoted to promote interest in the region, is the oldest Latin American Studies program in the United States and one of the best worldwide.

LLILAS has an unpaid internship program designed to provide UT students with the opportunity to gain professional experience by learning about the work of multiple programs within LLILAS or to develop research skills by working with some of our most distinguished Latin Americanist faculty. Our institute is a vibrant and fast-paced environment where students will have the opportunity to interact with foreign students, visiting Latin American professors, government officials, politicians, and private sector representatives.

The internship is open to undergraduate students enrolled in any UT college or school who may be interested in pursuing a Latin American studies graduate degree or working on Latin American issues. Interns must be available to work about 10 hours a week from late January 2016 to the last week of classes of the sopring semester (schedules are negotiated with the respective supervisor). If you would like to earn liberal arts elective credit for your LLILAS internship, learn about the LA 320wb and LA 110wb course options at: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/orgs/lacs/Students/Courses/Internship.php.

We are currently trying to fill positions in several LLILAS programs. Please review each of the job descriptions and let us know for which position you are applying. You can apply to more than one, but if you do, please rank them in order of preference.

Please e-mail all application materials to Paloma Diaz before January 25, 2016 (we encourage early applications and will begin interviewing applicants as soon as possible). The application package should include: (1) a résumé indicating language and computer skills; (2) a cover letter stating why you are interested in the position or positions (including research topics or disciplines of interest); (3) information about your fall schedule and available hours; and (4) the name and contact information of at least two UT faculty members or previous employers who are willing to provide us with references.

Available Internships

Grants and Evaluation
LLILAS Benson is recruiting an undergraduate student who is interested in learning about grant writing, management, and evaluation. The Grants and Evaluation office supports LLILAS Benson faculty, students, and staff with local, national, and international grant projects that encompass diverse and exciting initiatives. Current, ongoing projects include awards from the U.S. Department of Education, the Mellon Foundation, the Tinker Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Interns will be trained to conduct research on grant opportunities, to evaluate projects both qualitatively and quantitatively, and to compile annual reports. The successful applicant will work 5–10 hours per week. Candidates should have strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as organizational skills and attention to detail. Experience with Word and Excel is also required.

Multimedia and Video Production
This internship position will help us to enhance our multimedia resources (videos and audio podcasts), and interns will gain the opportunity to showcase their work through our website and social media outlets. Interns will be in charge of filming our events and producing a series of short clips featuring our scholarly activities, including interviews with faculty, visiting professors, or students, highlights of public programs, etc.

Duties include filming and video production (video and/or audio editing, preparation of graphics, titles, translation subtitles, music, and photos) plus audio podcast editing and mixing. Hours are flexible, but applicants should be willing to work during some evenings. Candidates should have access to all the necessary equipment including cameras, mikes, and appropriate software. Applicants should submit a cover letter, résumé, and online portfolio with sample of videos produced. To see samples of videos produced by our students, visit 2012 Fulbright Visiting Professor in Environmental Sciences and Policy and Haiti: Between Destruction and Hope.

Office of the Directors
The Office of the Directors provides administrative, planning, and coordination support to the institute’s Director and Associate Director. In addition, the office serves as the main interface between the institute and faculty, students, and public and private entities. Last, the office develops and maintains the core initiatives of the institute. These initiatives take the form of conferences, workshops, and special projects headed by both directors, and take place within the university as well as locally and internationally. The Office of the Directors seeks an intern to assist in daily administrative activities as well as coordination support for several of the initiatives and special projects that will take place during the semester. The successful applicant will work 10 hours per week. Candidates should have strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as organizational and coordination skills. Basic knowledge of Word and Excel is also required.

We are recruiting students who are passionate about photography. The intern would provide photographic coverage of selected LLILAS public events and other LLILAS programs as needed. This internship represents a great opportunity for broadening your experience: selected photos can be posted on our website and our social media sites or used in our publications (work will be credited). Successful candidates should have experience taking high-resolution digital photographs and should have access to a high-quality digital camera. Access to other photographic equipment, such as a variety of lenses, tripod, and flash, is a plus. The candidate should also have basic experience with photo editing. Hours are flexible, but applicants should be willing to work during some evenings.

Public Engagement
LLILAS Public Engagement has built a nationally recognized program that extends university expertise to K–16 education, businesses, community organizations, and the public at large. Public Engagement delivers new knowledge, dismantles common misconceptions, and fosters cross-cultural dialogue. We seek interns who have a passion for Latin American Studies and want to help others learn about the region. Duties will focus on research and resource gathering for the development of new K–12 curriculum units and teacher training modules; participating interns will receive credit in published materials for their contribution. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in education and want to work on materials that affect how Latin America is taught throughout Texas. Applicants should be able to work 10 hours a week and demonstrate strong organizational and research skills. Basic knowledge of Word and PowerPoint is required; new media skills are a plus.

LLILAS is recruiting UT undergraduate students to work with UT faculty during the fall 2013 semester. Our Latin Americanist faculty produce cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics and disciplines and help to maintain the academic leadership of the institute. This research internship is an excellent opportunity for students considering graduate school. Duties may include literature research and review; data manipulation, analysis, and interpretation; organization of research materials (data, texts, articles); other related duties assigned by faculty. Students will be selected based on previous research experience or demonstrated interest in Latin American academic issues. Successful candidates will be paired with faculty according to their specific areas of interest. Previous research experience is a plus, as is intermediate to advanced proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese.

Scholarly and Public Programs
LLILAS Scholarly and Public Programs constitute a broad range of initiatives, including academic events such as conferences, lectures, and workshops; collaborations with Latin American institutions; visits of foreign delegations; and receptions, performances, and social media activities. These initiatives may focus on one or several Latin American countries and include multiple academic topics. We are seeking interns to provide logistical support for all the stages of the planning and implementation of such initiatives. Duties include assistance in publicity, travel, and catering arrangements; preparation of materials; management of databases and Internet research; translation of short documents (e.g., correspondence, bios, website information); and clerical support as needed. Applicants should be able to work 10 hours a week and demonstrate organizational skills, professional demeanor, and knowledge of the institute’s mission and public programs. Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese is a plus.

Testimonials from previous LLILAS interns

“It was my first internship abroad and I really appreciated the friendly and welcoming environment in LLILAS. I learned so much more about Latin America and I improved my communication and writing skills. This opportunity strengthened me and opened my mind by meeting and exploring new cultures. It was definitely a great experience.”

Elsa Delacroix, International Student, France (Spring 2013)

LLILAS Interns

“UT is a world-class university, but even so, there is only so much you can learn in the classroom. During my time as an intern at LLILAS, the events I helped organize and attended, as well as the people I met in the process, gave me a perspective on Latin American society that I never could have gained through dense academic readings. LLILAS gives its interns the opportunity to interact with leading Latin American scholars from around the UT campus, around the country, and around the world. I also gained valuable experience working in an office setting, where punctuality, attention to detail, and independence were important skills. The friendly but professional work environment allowed me to improve my ability to collaborate with others. Overall, interning at LLILAS is a great way to expand your network, gain valuable professional work experience, and increase your understanding of a complex, diverse, and increasingly important region of the world.”

Nile Miller, BA, Government–Plan I (Liberal Arts) Honors (Spring 2012)

“The LLILAS Internship Program has provided me with invaluable work experience. As a Public Programs intern, I had the opportunity to assist in every stage of academic conferences and lectures as well as work on numerous publicity projects. My love for Latin America grew as my knowledge of Latin America increased. I was inspired by the impressive individuals who worked at LLILAS as well as the long list of visiting professors and politicians from around the world. As a result, I am now more committed to learning Spanish as well as continuing to grow in my knowledge of Latin American history and culture.”

Chrissy Thompson, BA, Plan II and Spanish (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

“The LLILAS Internship Program opened up many doors for me, and it is one of the highlights of my UT experience. As a new transfer student, I thought it would be extremely difficult to connect with professors, make friends and become involved at such a large research university. However, after my first semester at UT, I was already involved with research at the UT Law School’s Human Rights Clinic, became friends with students who loved Latin America just as much as I did, and volunteered at numerous events that inspired my academic focus. I even helped create LLILAS’s Faculty Blog! These experiences were all thanks to the connections, people, and lessons throughout my internship at LLILAS. I am eternally thankful to LLILAS for not only making me fall even more in love with Latin America but also for enriching the undergraduate experience by offering the internship program to students like myself who crave for an intellectually demanding yet inspiring environment to learn and work.”

Andi Clark, BA, Latin American Studies (Fall 2013)

“Working for LLILAS helped me put into practice what I was learning at UT. Furthermore, working for LLILAS allowed me to see Latin America in many more different ways, to interact with some of the people who were changing the continent, and to learn how to be of benefit to the region. Originally I am from Mexico. But not until I left Mexico did I learn to love it as much as I do now. Interning at LLILAS helped me do that. My coworkers and supervisors guided me through that learning process, and assisted me in navigating a very difficult time in my life: the time when I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. People at LLILAS became my friends, and my family. I will miss them a lot.”

Ludwig Barragan, BA, Latin American Studies (Fall 2008-Spring 2010)

LLILAS Interns

Partners on Campus

  • Plan II
  • Liberal Arts Career Affairs
  • UGS
  • Gateway
  • Bridging Disciplines

For more information, contact Paloma Diaz, Scholarly Programs Director and Faculty Liaison, at 512.232.2415.

IE Pre-Graduate School Internship Course Registration Clarification – Fall 2015

Dear UT Undergraduates:

PERIOD) UP TO THE 4TH CLASS DAY.  Obviously, we would like to receive most
contracts sooner rather than later.

Please read below.

Are you thinking about whether graduate school is in your future?  Are you
uncertain about what it would be like to be a graduate student and what
academic program may be suited best to your interests and career goals?

If your answer to these questions is yes, you may wish to consider
undertaking the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) “Pre-Graduate School
Internship.”  This internship is open to students in all UT
colleges/schools and departments.  You may earn one, two or three hours of
academic credit (CMS 164M/264M/364M) by participating in the internship.

You may read more about this program (including FAQ’s, examples of
internship activities and an easy to complete internship contract) on the


You may also be eligible for a Kuhn Intellectual Entrepreneurship Award.
This award is designed to encourage both first generation and economically
disadvantaged undergraduate students to pursue their academic passions and
to seriously consider graduate study.

The awards will be in the form of $1,000 stipends offered to a select
number of qualified undergraduate interns. The award is intended to
support and encourage students to pursue opportunities that further enrich
the Pre-Graduate School Internship experience. (e.g., traveling to
conferences, potential graduate school visits, research endeavors,
supplies, books etc.)

In addition, each intern’s graduate mentor will be awarded a matching
$1,000 stipend through the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.
For more information about this award, please go to:


A wonderful UT web feature about this internship program is at:

If after examining these materials you have questions, please feel free to
contact me at: spaj737@uts.cc.utexas.edu

NOTE: Because of the generosity of several UT deans, undergraduates who do
their pre-grad internship in programs in the following colleges will be
eligible to receive travel grants to help cover part of the cost of
attending an academic conference (with their grad mentor)– Law, Public
Affairs, Communication, Nursing, Information, Architecture, Liberal Arts,
Pharmacy, Business, Social Work, Education, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts.


Rick Cherwitz
Professor and IE Director