ART 338C open to non majors!

This is the only major restricted course in ART, that we are opening to non majors at this point.
Students do not need professor consent to register for this course.
Students should be able to self register for this course, but if they have trouble, please stop by Elana Logsdon’s office, DFA 1.103 M-F 10-12, 1-5 so I can assist during their registration access time.

For all other inquiries for non majors registering for “major restricted courses”, please review the process on this link:

Unique    Day    Hour                          Room            Instructor          Flags
20870    MW    2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.   ART 3.202    PERZYNSKI       Independent inquiry
Study in digital video, sound, and animation, with emphasis on the exploration of cinematic time and its time-based installation. Guided inquiry into the relationship between video and video projections, and technics and technology.

May be taken twice for credit.

Prerequisite: For design, studio art, and visual art studies majors, Studio Art 301C and 302C (or 303K, 303L, 304K, and 304L), with a grade of at least C in each; for others, consent of instructor.

May be counted toward the independent inquiry flag requirement.

Designed to accommodate 35 or fewer students. Additional hour(s) to be arranged. May be repeated for credit.