Summer 16: Feminist Theory (open to all majors)

A fun and feminist way to get a Writing Flag and 3 hours of upper-division credit during the first summer session.
We are waiving the prerequisites and upper-division requirements for Summer 2016.


(Open to All Majors during Summer 16.  Pre-requisites automatically waived.)

WGS f350, Unique #: 86527
Writing Flag!

MTWTHF · 10:00 – 11:30 AM · GDC 2.502
This course carries a writing flag. The advent of third-wave feminism in the mid-nineties corresponds with the rise of Internet use in the U.S., and feminist activism in the 21st century is deeply intertwined with digital technology. In this course, we will explore how controversies taking place in and through the blogosphere, social media, hashtag activism, video gaming tropes, memes, and mobile technologies shape third-wave feminist activism and its call for inclusiveness of LGBTQA people and people of color. Using texts and controversies sparked by Rebecca Walker, Roxane Gay, Anita Sarkeesian, Mia McKenzie, and Lindy West as touchstones, students will write about feminist activism online as well as create their own activist campaigns using a digital platform.

Taught by Dr. Susan Somers-Willett: