Spring Signature Course Registration

Please find several pieces of information regarding Signature Course registration for spring 2017:
1. Spring 2017 Signature Courses: We are going to be making a handful of seats available to non-first-year students in most of the UGS 303 courses. We will continue to hold 90% of all seats in Signature Courses for first year students, so please note that there will only be a few seats in each section, which will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. All seats in the UGS 302 courses will be held for first year students only and non-first year students should not plan on signing up for a UGS 302. To register for a UGS 303, upperclassmen will still to call our office at 471-4421 during their first registration access period in order to try to get a seat in one of these classes.  These seats are open now and students should look at the course schedule for their options. These seats will remain open until they are full therefore, if a section reads as closed it is truly at capacity—only sections that read as open are still available.

2. As a reminder, students in their first year of residence at UT (new freshmen as well as new transfers) will be able to register themselves for a Signature Course and will not need to call our office to be added.

3.  Signature Course FAQs — This sheet provides updated information about Signature Course registration and policies that we hope will prove helpful as you meet with students.
As always, please call the First-Year Experience Office at 471-4421 with any questions you have about Signature Courses.

FYE SIG Registration FAQsforACA[2]