KHE has open courses

Happy New Year! The Department of Kinesiology and Health Education has a few courses that are now open to non-majors. Please encourage any students that may be interested to take them.

Physical Education and Movement Courses:
EDC 370S 12- Teaching Secondary Physical Education (prerequisites waived for this course)
KIN 311 Water Safety Instruction/Lifeguard Training
KIN 226 Advanced Weight Training
KIN 352K Sport Pedagogy
Using a lifespan approach, the purpose of this course is to increase your understanding of sport pedagogy and why it is important that we study it. Pedagogy, the art and science of teaching and effective dissemination of information for learning, is necessary to effectively communicate the multi-sub disciplines of kinesiology and health. In today’s society, it is impossible for someone to learn everything about a topic within the formalized curriculum given the advances in technology and disciplinary knowledge. Accordingly, it is necessary for all to be lifelong learners who continually update their knowledge through web media, interactions with health professionals, and formalized educational experiences such as a personal fitness class, sport participation, health promotional activities and the like. As such, all physical activity professionals need to understand sport pedagogy. This course will provide an introduction of sport pedagogy from a multi-dimensional and disciplinary perspective that specifically identified and addresses the needs of both child and adult learners. No prerequisites for this course
All PED and KIN 119 courses with seats remaining are now open.

Health Education Courses
HED 329K Child & Adolescent Health
HED 343 Foundations of Epidemiology
HED 365 Social Determinants of Health and Disparities

Kinesiology and Sport Studies Courses
KIN 310 Physiological Basis of Conditioning
KIN 312M Management of Physical Activity and Sport Programs
KIN 424K Applied Human Anatomy
KIN 335C Motor Learning
Students interested in Occupational Therapy as a career may be able to use this as a prerequisite for OT program; refer them to Health Professions Office to confirm that it is accepted for the schools that they want to apply to.

Prerequisites: PSY 301
KIN 347 Historical and Ethical Issues in Physical Culture and Sports
KIN 352K Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy
KIN 352K Race, Fitness & Mass Media (writing flag)
KIN 352K Race and Sport in African American Life
KIN 360 Programing for People with Disabilities
In KIN 360: Programming for People with Disabilities students will develop knowledge of current concepts and trends in adapted physical education as well as the ability to plan and implement a physical education program designed to meet the unique needs of individuals.No prerequisites for this course.

If students have questions about adding these courses, please refer them to the College of Education Advising Offices in BEL 1005 (512-475-6146) or SZB 216 (512-471-3223).


Jessica E. Silva
Academic Advising Coordinator
College of Education, Student Affairs Office, BEL 1007c
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: (512) 232-3698
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