Intersectional Advocacy: Queer, Trans, and Feminist Identities in Changing Political Climates

Please share with folks you think would be interested in presenting at the conference and attending the conference. The conference will be sliding scale donation (no one will be turned away b/c of cost) and will be the weekend of March 31st in the Student Activity Center at UT Austin. If you have questions, or would like to volunteer please email Registration will go live March 1st.

Call for Workshop Submissions 2017
The Feminist Action Project and Queer and Trans Student Alliance (QTSA) at UT Austin is hosting our first ever combined conference on March 31 through April 1 in the UT Student Activities Center. This year we’ve chosen the theme “Intersectional Advocacy: Queer, Trans, and Feminist Identities in Changing Political Climates” in an attempt to frame the dialogues previously proffered by both the Feminist Action Project Conference and the Queer Texas Conference in light of current political events.We are currently accepting proposals for both workshops and panel talks. Submissions should address either LGBTQA+ identities and cultures or intersectional feminisms (or both!) and encompass concepts that transcend the dialogue found in everyday media. We are looking for proposals that create a modern, intersectional framework our attendees can utilize in their everyday activisms. Whether it is a presentation, round-table discussion, or interactive seminar, all proposals are welcome.

We want to include the experiences and perspectives of both students and community members, prioritize 101-level introductions to theories and movements, highlight the complexities and intersections of identities in relation to the queer, trans, feminist, and other activist communities, and put a special emphasis on language and space.

Some suggested topics are:
-Voices and Stories of people of color
-101-level introductions
-Queer, Trans, and Feminist advocacy and activism
-Trans-inclusive feminism
-Sex positivity
-Social media activism
-Health and healthcare for queer, trans, and femme individuals
-Intersections with other activist movements (for example #BlackLivesMatter)
-Media representation of feminist, trans, and queer communities
-Local, regional, national, worldwide policy, legislation, and activism
-Allyship, advocacy, solidarity to activist communities

Keep in mind that workshops will run approximately an hour and we anticipate 25-35 individuals to attend each session.

Please submit all proposals to us by March 1, 2017 at 5:00pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us at