Peers for Pride: Fall 2018 Class: Confronting LGBTQ Oppression

Peers for Pride: Fall 2018 : Confronting LGBTQ Oppression

46045 WGS 335
61385 S W 360K
26160 T D 357T

Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. in CMA 5.190

The Peers for Pride Courses, WGS335/TD357/SW360K: Confronting LGBTQ Oppression (fall) and Facilitating Dialogues on LGBTQA+ Oppression (spring), make up a two-semester commitment. No experience required.
The application is live:

Students accepted into Peers for Pride take two semesters of an upper-division academic course to learn to use theatre and performance to create and facilitate conversations about what a thriving LGBTQA+ communities look like, with attention to racial justice and LGBTQA+ justice. We have a great time together and make a difference on campus!

In the fall semester students learn more about LGBTQA+ realities and performance practice, and we build scenes around difficult campus-based situations we want folks to talk about. In the spring semester students use their scenes from the fall to build and co-facilitate LGBTQA+ and racial justice workshops. In these workshops, student facilitators actively engage audience participants in performance-based dialogue around: how to be accountable, within queer communities, to a thriving that is nonbinary, decolonial, trans feminist, intersectional, accountable, and loving; how to witness how LGBTQA+ people experience oppression in daily life; how these systems of oppression are affected by experiences of our other social identities including race, gender, age, class, and dis/ability; and how to interrupt oppression and build dialogue with and among LGBTQA+ people.

The class meets on Wednesdays from 3-6p for both Fall and Spring semesters. In the spring the class also includes a lab on Mondays from 3-6pm for performance and rehearsal preparation. Join us to connect with a wonderful group of people for a year-long transformative project.

Application and interview REQUIRED in order to remain enrolled in WGS335/TD357/SW360K: Confronting LGBTQ Oppression.

The application is live:

All interviews for Peers for Pride will happen after May 23rd.