Bridging Disciplines Programs – Fall Application Deadline

Greetings from the Bridging Disciplines Programs (BDPs)! If you are not familiar with the BDPs, our programs offer undergraduates at UT the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary certificate. Our certificates complement students’ majors and integrate interdisciplinary coursework with experiential learning, including internships and research experience. Students choose from one of fifteen different interdisciplinary themes, such as Ethics & Leadership in Technology & the Media; Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship; Human Rights & Social Justice; Museum Studies; and Public Policy. You can view a list of all BDP topics, as well as more information about our programs, on our website. I’ve also attached a handout that we hope will be helpful to you as you talk with interested students. Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the Media, Culture & Identities BDP.

Our fall BDP application deadline will be Tuesday, October 9th. Interested students should attend a BDP information session and can find information about the BDP application on the BDP website. For students who are not quite ready to apply this fall, please know that our next application deadline will be in March.

Starting this semester, the BDPs will no longer accept applications from students who are in the first semester of their freshman year. Students are eligible to apply to a BDP starting in the second semester of their freshman year. Program eligibility information is available on the BDP website. Current first-semester freshmen who are interested in applying to a BDP in the spring are welcome to attend a BDP information session this fall.