Peers for Pride Applications 2019-2020

I hope this email finds you well. Peers is OPEN! It is never too late or early to think about what the future might hold!

“Peers for Pride (PfP)” is a peer facilitation program of the Gender & Sexuality Center. UT students (undergraduate and graduate) will take two (2) classes for academic credit in partnership with the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies. During the program, students build applied theatre, critical analysis, and facilitation skills as they build the workshop “What Do Thriving Queer Communities Look Like?” Students create message scenes and activating scenes in the workshop to share skills and build space for conversation and accountability across LGBTQIA+ communities and with supporters of LGBTQIA+ communities.

Note: No experience is required to apply for the program.
To apply: Please fill out this online application and someone will contact applicants in 1-3 business day.
Deadline for Application: Applications before the end of the spring semester are encouraged, but there is no firm deadline for PfP applications.
Attached to this email is the Peers for Pride promotional flyer that can be shared with students. Please encourage your students to apply for this awesome leadership opportunities. Thanks very much for your time.

For further questions, comments, etc, please email us at

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