AEFH scholarship applications

Happy New Year and we hope that all of your students have safely returned to campus ready to go. We wanted to remind you that the deadline for this year’s AEFH scholarship applications will be here soon. The online application has been updated and we will again be awarding scholarships to 20 applicants. College students who will be studying any form of communications in the Fall of 2020 or the Spring of 2021, at any AAF Tenth District school, are eligible.

The application and information about the scholarships are available at This year, AEFH has a very big surprise planned for our scholarship recipients. Please encourage your students to apply by this Friday, January 17th, and let us know if you, or any of your students, have any questions.

thank you for your support,

Jay Hagins
Advertising Education Foundation of Houston

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Houston, Texas 77024
(713) 553-4425 – cell