Seats available in AET 336C Video Game History/Culture

The Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies has seats available for non-majors in AET336C: Video Game History/Culture. The course carries a VAPA Flag and is open to all majors. The listed prerequisite requirement and/or technical skills are not required. Please share with your students.

Introduction to historical approaches to video game design, including video game histories and archives, critical analysis of design, game development and contemporary social issues in gaming.

Only one of the following may be counted: Arts and Entertainment Technologies 336, 336C, or Fine Arts 310 (Topic: Game History and Critical Theory).

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing; Arts and Entertainment Technologies 318C.

Designed to accommodate 100 or more students.

Unique #20930


DORIS GILBERT, Academic Advisor
The University of Texas at Austin I School of Design & Creative Technologies
College of Fine Arts
DFA 4.132A