IE PreGrad Internship Innovations (CMS364M)

Expand Your Educational and Professional Opportunities

The IE Pre-Graduate School Internship provides undergraduates with an immersive experience of being in graduate school, empowering them to explore graduate school and the career options it makes possible. Undergrad Interns are paired with graduate student mentors and/or faculty advisors who guide their internship. Benefits of the Internship include:

  • Experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be in graduate school.
  • Discovering the opportunities a graduate degree provides.
  • Developing skills necessary to succeed in graduate school.
  • Creating materials that make an appealing graduate school applicant.
  • Learning how to stay resilient and build a career in the current economy.


Internship Website:

For help finding a mentor/advisor or options if you can’t find one, please contact:

Dr. Tommy Darwin, IE Director OR call/text 512-468-7246


For an internship in the Law School please send an email to:

Note: This internship may be completed virtually if necessary.