Jumpstarting Success at the Sanger Learning Center

The Sanger Learning Center is excited to welcome back our Longhorns for the 2020 Spring semester. Many of you have heard about our free one-on-one tutoring; attached, you will find our services flyer with all of the services we provide.

All of our services are FREE to UT students. Whether students are looking for content-specific support or more effective study strategies, the Sanger Learning Center can help any student get ahead:

Are your students looking for better time management skills or study strategies? They can sign up for a Peer Academic Coach.

Do your students want to get an edge in a specific class? They can practice their speech at the Public Speaking Center or get help with homework at Drop-in Tutoring for math, chemistry or physics.

Do your students need a review of Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus concepts? They can attend our Math Refreshers.

Are your students looking for study groups? We provide Supplemental Instruction sessions for entry-level courses in American Studies, Classics, Economics, History, and more.

Do you know of a class, student org, or student employee staff who would benefit from one of our workshops or services overviews? Request a presentation.

Are you not sure how to refer a student? Encourage them to meet 1-on-1 with a professional Learning Specialist.

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Seats available in AET 336C Video Game History/Culture

The Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies has seats available for non-majors in AET336C: Video Game History/Culture. The course carries a VAPA Flag and is open to all majors. The listed prerequisite requirement and/or technical skills are not required. Please share with your students.

Introduction to historical approaches to video game design, including video game histories and archives, critical analysis of design, game development and contemporary social issues in gaming.

Only one of the following may be counted: Arts and Entertainment Technologies 336, 336C, or Fine Arts 310 (Topic: Game History and Critical Theory).

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing; Arts and Entertainment Technologies 318C.

Designed to accommodate 100 or more students.

Unique #20930


DORIS GILBERT, Academic Advisor
The University of Texas at Austin I School of Design & Creative Technologies
College of Fine Arts
DFA 4.132A

Seats available in BDP 101 courses

We still have seats available in the following BDP 101 spring courses. BDP 101 Forum Seminars are open to all Freshmen and Sophomores. They introduce students to the key concepts, methodologies, and questions related to BDP certificate topics. They feature weekly discussions with faculty from a variety of departments across UT, so Forum Seminars are a great way for students to explore their interests. Please spread the word if you have students who might be interested in these courses!

BDP 101: Children & Society (59390)
M 1:00-3:00pm • SEA 3.250 • Professor Cathy Echols
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 27-March 23.
Children and Society focuses on children and their development within social systems such as families, schools and communities, as well as the individual characteristics and broader cultural values that influence development.

BDP 101: Environmental Change & Sustainability (59395)
TH 3:30-5:30pm • JGB 3.222 • Professor Chris Bell
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 23-March 12.
In this forum seminar, students will explore the range of environmental challenges that our society faces, including those involving water resources, global change issues, and global and local prospects in Energy technologies and solid waste management. The roles of science, policy-making, economic interests, and sustainability will be examined in the context of these issues.

BDP 101: Exploring Digital Arts & Media (59400)
W 3:30-5:30pm • MRH 2.634 • Professor Neal Daugherty
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 22-March 11.
Exploring Digital Arts & Media is a Bridging Disciplines Forum Seminar and one-credit course that aims to present a broad survey of digital art and media. For most of the eight seminars there will be a guest speaker in the first hour then in the second hour there will be a lecture/discussion period based on the presenter’s work and on the general topic. Students in this course will learn about the many areas of specialization that the phrase “digital art & media” covers ranging from the Internet to game design.

BDP 101: Human Rights and Social Justice (59405)
T 2:00-4:00pm • FAC 4 • Professor Jason Cons
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 21-March 10.
In this eight-week course, students will explore key concepts in rights and justice; examine how governments, movements, and individuals try to advance these principles through law and political organizing; and evaluate the possibilities and problems in securing human rights and social justice in the contemporary world. Scholars from various disciplines will visit the classroom to share their research and experiences. In class discussion and written assignments, students will identify and analyze human rights and social-justice controversies, drawing on the varied intellectual and ideological perspectives from readings and guest lectures.

BDP 101: Intro to the Non-Profit World (59420)
T 3:30-5:30pm • SSW 2.106 • Professor Cal Streeter
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 21-March 10.
The non-profit sector is the fastest growing sector in the U.S. economy. This phenomenon presents enormous opportunities for communities, non-profit managers, Boards of Directors, and those who fund non-profit organizations. This course introduces students to the non-profit sector and provides the foundation knowledge they need to understand the role of non-profit organizations in contemporary American society. Students will learn what distinguishes the non-profit sector from business and government, with particular attention to mission, organizational structure, funding, and culture. It will examine the statutory and regulatory requirements of non-profit organizations and explore the ways in which philanthropic giving and volunteers shape the work of the non-profit sector. Readings and class activities provide students with a broad understanding of the non-profit sector and help them weigh the pros and cons of a career in the non-profit world.

BDP 101: Patients, Practitioners, and Cultures of Care (59425)
M 3:30-5:30pm • SSW 1.212 • Professor Stephen Sonnenberg
Class meets for first half of the semester – January 27-March 23.
Introduces the interdisciplinary study of healthcare and the many potential roles of the healthcare provider. Explores an overview of foundational concepts for understanding healthcare and providers in an interdisciplinary way, including culture and health, the built environment and health, narrative medicine, and healer resilience in relation to serious illness and end of life care. Guest lecturers represent the disciplines of Anthropology, Architecture and Planning, Social Work, and Health Communications.


Larissa Noake | Assistant Director
Bridging Disciplines Programs | School of Undergraduate Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
Phone: 512.232.7586
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Global Media in Salzburg – Summer Program

The Moody College of Communication is partnering for the 13th year with The Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change and now accepting applications for Summer 2020. Held annually in Salzburg, Austria, the Salzburg Academy hosts 75 university students from over 20 countries. In a sense, the world comes to Salzburg, Austria. Our University of Texas students engage with participants, visiting media experts, NGO professionals, and international faculty.

The Academy is a 3-credit UT course (taught in English) on Global Media Literacy, and is perfect for students who want a global perspective – beyond a specialization in any single country. Students will explore how digital media technologies are shaping civic engagement, activism, and innovation in a global media age – to say it is relevant to current events is understatement.

Students receive COM 325 which works for all Moody Communication elective credit. It is also pre-approved for the following:
· Global Cultures flag
· IRG Culture, Media, and Arts track
· Bridging Disciplines Program – Media, Culture & Identities (Identities, Communities & Place strand)

Applications are open to all students and considered on a rolling basis!

Applications due: February 10, 2020
Program dates: July 19 – August 5, 2020

Visit the Moody College International Programs website to learn more about the program, including brochures from previous programs and a letter from the UT-Austin School of Journalism & Media faculty member Prof. Stephen Reese, who has led the course since 2008. You may contact him for further information about the program (steve.reese@utexas.edu).

Daniel Ach, Senior Program Coordinator
Education Abroad
Texas Global | The University of Texas at Austin
(512) 471-6965 | ach.dan@austin.utexas.edu | global.utexas.edu
facebook | twitter

New program – Longhorn TIES Initiative


New Student Services would like to announce the official launch of the Longhorn TIES (Transition, Inclusion, Empower, Success) initiative this month. The initiative seeks to enhance the student experience for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum or who have other neuro-related conditions through advocacy, connections and training starting with the new student orientation process and continuing throughout the student’s academic career.

Ashley Richardson was hired as an autism spectrum education and outreach administrator, and is the point of contact for the program. Longhorn TIES will service as a resource and a referral network for students and staff across the UT Austin campus. Ashley will work with students and campus partners to facilitate the connection to appropriate resources, make targeted referrals and provide follow-up support services.

Web pages for the initiative are live at orientation.utexas.edu/LonghornTIES, and we encourage you to review these pages for resources that are available to students, faculty and staff.
Longhorn TIES Overview
Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals
Program Elements
Program Administrator

Please encourage students who are interested in learning more about this initiative or who want to sign up for services to fill out the Longhorn TIES Qualtrics form. If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Ashley Richardson at Ashley.Richardson@austin.utexas.edu.

Thank you and hook ‘em!


CELENA MONDIE-MILNER, Ph.D., Executive Director
The University of Texas at Austin | New Student Services | 512-471-3304 | orientation.utexas.edu

AEFH scholarship applications

Happy New Year and we hope that all of your students have safely returned to campus ready to go. We wanted to remind you that the deadline for this year’s AEFH scholarship applications will be here soon. The online application has been updated and we will again be awarding scholarships to 20 applicants. College students who will be studying any form of communications in the Fall of 2020 or the Spring of 2021, at any AAF Tenth District school, are eligible.

The application and information about the scholarships are available at houstonadscholarships.com/apply/. This year, AEFH has a very big surprise planned for our scholarship recipients. Please encourage your students to apply by this Friday, January 17th, and let us know if you, or any of your students, have any questions.

thank you for your support,

Jay Hagins
Advertising Education Foundation of Houston

101 Litchfield Lane
Houston, Texas 77024
(713) 553-4425 – cell

College Reading Elective – BDP 319

I wanted to remind everyone of our 3-hour elective, teaching college reading strategies. The course is BDP 319: Analytical Reading and Writing.

This course is meant to take students through reading strategies across the academic disciplines, including history, social sciences, literature, and natural sciences. The course will incorporate high-interest texts and graphic novels to cover topics like race, gender, and economics. I’ve attached a flyer for your reference.

There are still seats available for the course this semester. I encourage you to speak to students, who may have difficulty understanding and synthesizing longer readings, about this course. Our goal is to make sure students are well-prepared to encounter college-level reading and critical thinking in all the courses they take during their time on the Forty Acres.

Please let Hillary Procknow (hillary.procknow@austin.utexas.edu) or myself know if you have any questions about BDP 319.

Vanessa Garcia
TSI Advisor
VANESSA GARCIA, M.Ed. | Texas Success Initiative | The University of Texas at Austin | JES 327A | 512-232-7146 | ugs.utexas.edu/tsi | pronouns: she, her, hers

new student team competition

The IC² Institute, a UT Austin research department, has created a new student team competition. Diverse student teams will have the opportunity to choose a Texas community and respond to a prompt related to a community development scenario. The top ten teams will present on Saturday, March 28, for a chance to win cash prizes and demonstrate the ability to apply research, creativity, and strategic thinking to a modern problem. A judging panel will recognize high achievement. $15,000 in cash awards will be distributed among the top three performing teams.

The challenge is appropriate for students in any field of study who want to practice their strategy and presentation skills. Multi-disciplinary teams should consist of 4 or 5 students and must include at least 2 undergraduate students and at least 2 upper-division or graduate students. IC² can help match students to teams.

Would you please share this information and the dates and link below with your students? We hope that in this first year of the program we will be able to reach a diversity of students, not just the students in majors that are most familiar with case competitions.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Debra Dzwonczyk

Student Challenge important dates:
· January: If you would like help from IC² in being matched to a team, complete the online matching form.
· January 23, 2020, 5-7 PM, Blackstone Launchpad, FAC 101D: Information session.
· February 5, 2020, 5-7 PM, Blackstone Launchpad, FAC 101D: Information session.
· February 21, 2020: Deadline for team applications with community information.
· March 26, 2020, 4 PM: Challenge prompt emailed to teams.
· March 28, 2020, 8 AM: Team presentations due.
· March 28, 2020, noon – 5 PM, FAC 101B: Top 10 teams present. 5:30 PM, FAC 101D: Awards ceremony.
Please visit https://ic2.utexas.edu/programs/student-challenge for more information or email challenge@ic2.utexas.edu with any questions.

Debra Dzwonczyk
Director, Operations and Project Management | IC² Institute
The University of Texas at Austin | ic2.utexas.edu
1-512-305-0333 | debra@ic2.utexas.edu | skype: DebraDzwonczyk

Students: Check out the IC² Student Challenge, with $15,000 in cash awards distributed among top teams.

Award competitions for UT undergrad researchers

Submissions are now open for two award competitions that will be of interest to student researchers and those completing theses.
Students can now submit proposals for the Spring 2020 Undergraduate Research Fellowships, which provide up to $1,000 to support expenses for independent research or creative activity in any major. The spring 2020 URF deadline is 11:59 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3. Students conducting independent research are invited to learn more about the award (including the application process, eligibility, and writing tips) and access the online application. More info about other sources for student research funding can be found on the OUR scholarships page.

Student can also submit a 2-minute research video and compete for $6,500 in the Texas Student Research Showdown. In this research communication competition for UT undergraduate researchers, student create videos explaining their research or creative activity to a general audience. The top two videos in two categories (arts, humanities, and social sciences; science, technology, and engineering) will receive $2000 and $750 awards, and an “audience choice” winner selected by UT students will receive $1000. The competition is open to any UT undergraduate involved in research or creative activity in any major. Submissions reflecting group projects, research outside the STEM fields, and thesis-work-in-progress are particularly encouraged. Students can visit https://ugs.utexas.edu/our/showdown to learn more and submit a video by Feb. 18.


Robert V. Reichle, Ph.D. (he/him/his)
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research | School of Undergraduate Studies
The University of Texas at Austin

Register for the Spring 2020 Theatre for Dialogue Class

Theatre for Dialogue: Interactive Performance and Violence Prevention
Register for Spring 2020
Academic Credit available through TD357T, SW360K, or WGS345

Through experiential learning and community engagement frameworks, students will build and utilize facilitation skills and applied theatre methods to develop a project intended to engage audience participants in a dialogue about issues of interpersonal violence. No theatre experience necessary!

For more information, visit https://cmhc.utexas.edu/vav/vav_theatrefordialogue.html or email theatrefordialogue@austin.utexas.edu.

The University of Texas at Austin | Longhorn Wellness Center | Voices Against Violence | 512-475-6957