Pharmacy Leadership Symposium

Date TBD • Austin, Texas

Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel

We invite you to the 125 Pharmacy Leadership Symposium taking place at the historic Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Austin, Texas in the Fall, 2018.  This two-day professional development symposium is designed for pharmacists who are looking to strengthen their leadership skills, take the next career step, tackle a current work challenge, and/or become involved in leadership opportunities within their healthcare community.

Are You Ready to Lead?

The pharmacy and healthcare professions are experiencing a unique period of transition. Within periods of transition sit great opportunities.  Leaders will emerge to set the course for this period to develop the new healthcare systems that will impact our future patients and the health of our societies. Are you ready for the charge?  Will you be the next leader in healthcare?

The Symposium

The 125 Pharmacy Leadership Symposium is designed to help pharmacists with the “itch to lead” to improve their leadership skills in order to take on the changing healthcare marketplace.  Through participation, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Assess, reflect, and understand one’s self in relation to leadership, the profession, and leading others
  • Discuss and comprehend the changes taking place in healthcare
  • Acquire and utilize new skills when leading transitions and change
  • Connect with like-minded colleagues, to form cohorts, and to share challenges and goals
  • Plan a personal Continuing Professional Development agenda to continue one’s leadership growth
  • Earn up to 18.00 CPE credits

Year Long Leadership Experience and Support

The 125 Pharmacy Leadership Symposium is not just a two-day workshop.  No, its a year long experience aimed to help participants take the necessary steps in leadership development.  Following the Continuing Professional Development model, participants will work through a series of self-assessments prior to attending the Symposium, reflecting on what they have done, and what the excel at.  During the Symposium, participants will be guided through a self-realization experience from a review of their own talents and skills, to learning about opportunities, trends, and outlooks of the healthcare industry, followed by specific leadership skill training in communications, change leadership, trust development, and an assessment of pharmacy values.  The Symposium concludes with participants developing their own year-long continuing professional development plans, with help from their cohort group members.  Participants will connect with their cohorts at four times through the coming year to assess their professional plans, and reflect on how they have grown and improved as a leader.  See the agenda page for more details on the process of the Symposium.

Continuing Professional Development Event

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an approach to lifelong learning. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) defines CPD as a self-directed, ongoing, systematic and outcomes-focused approach to lifelong learning that is applied into practice. It involves the process of active participation in formal and informal learning activities that assist individuals in developing and maintaining continuing competence, enhancing their professional practice, and supporting achievement of their career goals. – ACPE, 2018

At the conclusion of the Symposium, participants will create a two-year CPD plan, and leave with a network of like-minded professionals who will support one another through their CPD journey.

Celebrating 125 Years

In 1893, pharmacy leaders in Texas came together to discuss the future of pharmacy leadership and founded the College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin.  Over the past 125 years, the College has greatly impacted healthcare in the State and beyond.  This August, we are looking to bring together 125 of the most talented emerging leaders in pharmacy to forge the next era of healthcare.  We invite you to join us!

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is accredited by the ACPE LogoAccreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

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