Post-Seminar Exercises

Following the same format as the pre-seminar exercises and using cases from the pharmacist’s practice, participants must perform and document a medication therapy review for three additional patient cases.   For each case, participants will identify and prioritize the patient’s medication-related problems, develop appropriate interventions, complete the appropriate documentation, and devise a plan for follow-up.


After completing the post-seminar, pharmacists will be able to:

  • Conduct a thorough patient medication history for three patients.
  • Complete a personal medication record (PMR) for three patients.
  • Develop a medication-related action plan (MAP) for three patients.
  • Given three patient cases:
    • Identify patient-specific data and issues and interpret these findings to assess the patient’s medication-related needs.
    • Apply the principles of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes when reviewing an elderly persons medication regimen.
    • Generate a list of medication-related problems for the patient.
    • Establish goals of therapy for each identified medical condition and medication-related problem.
    • Provide recommendations for modifying potentially inappropriate medication regimens.
  • Document services provided to three patients in a manner appropriate for evaluating patient progress, sufficient for billing purposes, and applicable to tracking of clinical and financial outcomes.

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